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Month: May 2023

Can ChatGPT Earn You Money?

25 May 2023

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most popular topics among the younger public in recent months. It is no longer just a buzzword in…

Burned out Ballers at Risk of Injury

25 May 2023

Supporters believe that their star players are in danger of burnout because they play too many matches. If they have qualified for European tournaments such…

Now vs Then: Armed Forces Interview

25 May 2023

Drones and nuclear weapons have been scaring high-ranking individuals for quite a while, particularly with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the fear of some nuclear…

Racism In Schools

25 May 2023

How is it being dealt with? Is it enough? And are schools lying to us? Recently a survey has shown that 95% of children have…

The Current Status of the Ukraine War  

25 May 2023

The war in the Ukraine is currently taking a good turn for the country as the Russian forces have just retreated from the city of…

All British Hope Out of French Open

25 May 2023

With Wimbledon coming up in a couple of weeks there is a concern if any British female tennis players will qualify. With recent events there…

The Future of Football

25 May 2023

The future of football has been effected by VAR but it is bright and there is youngsters that look like they have a positive career…

HS2 Concerns Over Sinkholes Appearance

25 May 2023

Residents and workers near an HS2 Chiltern tunnel express concerns over the high-speed railway project. On Saturday the 13th May, a large sinkhole opened in a…

Miracle Man Moves Once Again

25 May 2023

Twelve years ago, a motorcycle accident in China left Gert-Jan Oskam, now 40, paralysed. Now, in 2023 Oskam is back on his feet and walking thanks…

DeSantis and Elon Musk – What Are Their Views?

25 May 2023

Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk are both well-known popular figures but at the same time they have both had their own controversies. In the past…

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