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Middle School – Years 5 & 6

In Middle School (Years 5 and 6), your son will continue to grow in independence and responsibility at The Beacon. His ability to reflect, to communicate and to collaborate with others will expand. Our tutor system is introduced, which provides the boys with excellent pastoral support and personal development. Boys in our Middle School thrive in the happy, motivating environment where every boy can grow.

Middle School Curriculum

Further specialist teachers in all subjects are introduced in Year 6, including Geography, History, Classics and Latin and French or Spanish, sharing their love and knowledge of their chosen subject with their classes. Boys have a vast array of academic opportunities open to them in these years, such as school debates, our Sky News Day, author workshops, Maths challenges and cross-curricular trips.

Growing Opportunities

Life in our Middle School provides a wide variety of opportunities for our boys to discover and develop their talents and interests, allowing them the greatest range of options for their futures. Whether it is Warhammer, drama or hockey, there is a wide range of extra-curricular activities available to suit every boy. All boys in Middle School also experience playing as part of a sports team against other schools, which promotes self-esteem and confidence, helping the boys build strengths in perseverance, resilience, teamwork and leadership.

Future Sparks Programme

At The Beacon, we pride ourselves on inspiring and nurturing our boys from an academic, social and emotional perspective, giving them the foundations to become well-rounded remarkable young men.

In Middle School, the boys take part in the Future Sparks Programme. This is designed to give our boys the tools to develop their interpersonal skills, challenging them with tasks tailored to encourage growth of communication and collaboration, inside and outside of the classroom.

The range of tasks can be selected according to individual interests and strengths, each of which is categorised from independent learning and leadership challenges to sporting, social responsibility and creative tasks.

Your son will leave Middle School at The Beacon prepared for either at one of the local grammar schools or joining our superb Upper School, which prepares boys fully for independent senior schools and beyond. Your son will continue to build on the solid foundation he has laid down at The Beacon and will flourish as he progresses in his future education.

The Beacon Future Sparks Programme is a platform to empower and spark excellence in our Beacon boys, inspiring them to shine into the future. Click below to find out more.

Hannah Macdonald – Head of Middle School

>The Beacon Future Sparks Programme<

Early Years’ Stay & Play – Tuesday 21 May

We are delighted to welcome families with boys aged 2-4 to our Stay & Play sessions on Tuesday 21 May – click here to book.

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