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Beyond the Classroom

At The Beacon, our boys’ learning and lives outside the classroom are just as important as their academic progress.

Our well-established introductory meetings, moving-up mornings and mentoring programme help new boys quickly settle into The Beacon. Our flourishing School Councils and Self & Society (PSHEE) lessons give boys the opportunity to discuss any issues that might arise throughout the year. We have a dedicated School Counsellor and Medical Centre, which provide invaluable support to our community. The whole-school mindfulness programme, starting in Reception with weekly mindful yoga sessions, equips our boys with essential skills to manage the ever-increasing pace of life, as they grow and develop.

Our boys enjoy nutritious and well-balanced lunches and snacks, that are created on-site using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. Our aim is to instil an appreciation of healthy eating at a young age that will positively influence them throughout life.

The variety of opportunities our boys enjoy at The Beacon, on the stage, on the sports pitch, during outdoor learning sessions or through our varied school trips and extra-curricular clubs programme, ensure a balanced and well-rounded development.

We aim to inspire and educate the whole child and to prepare them for all they will encounter in their future lives. Beacon boys leave us as kind, confident and mature young men eager to embrace all of life’s opportunities.

James Skea – Senior Master