students having a good time at break

Welcome to The Beacon

The Beacon is a school rightly proud of its long-standing success with Senior School transition and formidable sporting prowess, but more than this, it is the development of young boys’ characters, personalities and their ability to converse with one another that defines a ‘Beacon Boy’. Generations of boys have progressed to their Senior Schools as assets to their communities; their engaging company, innate sense of kindness, quiet confidence and good humour, all learnt and fostered through their formative years at The Beacon.

A school building generates a quite distinct atmosphere that reveals a school’s true character, you will discover, a busy, happy and sociable school. A school where you will find not just teachers of boys, rather teachers for boys. Teachers that understand how boys learn, how they react positively to challenge and a firm belief in the motivational power of praise well-earned.

The Beacon is a remarkable School with remarkable people; I would be delighted to meet you and work with you and your son as we experience the enriching community and unlimited ambition that characterises the School.

Nick Baker – Headmaster