The Big Beacon Alumni Hunt

Unfortunately, over the years we have managed to lose touch with many of our alumni and have regrettably lost some of our records.

If you attended The Beacon, or had a sibling or relative who did, please take a moment to look at our list of lost alumni below, and kindly let us know if you can help put us in touch with anyone listed, tell us any first names where we have only initials, or provide any other information that might help us find lost members (e.g. whether they had any brothers, cousins or other relatives who attended the School). Names appear in class of order, that is the year boys would have left The Beacon had they stayed until Year 8 (aged 13).

Please email any information you have to  We will not add anyone to our mailing list without checking that they are happy for us to do so first. If you would like to update your details, you can do so online using our secure alumni update form.

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide, and enormous thanks to all those who have already been helping us with this project.

We will be adding further lists of ‘lost’ alumni for our 1950s  leavers shortly.



Class of 1964

P J Biss J R Clark R B Morris C L Trim
R C Boning R P Dodds C S Orwin
D P Bradshaw P H Hill C J Patton
T J Buckle Nigel? Ifftner R J Rendall

Class of 1965

J G Anderson R P Ginder M R Mitchell P B Terry
R D Bell T M Harrison R G Nurick C M Turk
T W Brigstocke A L Howse D C Peters S R Varland
M D Connell G T Jackson C J Robertson D H Wade
D J De Boos J C Medley Lyndon? Savage
S J Fuller D A Milne L M Tate

Class of 1966

P J Arden Miles Glossop M Peters P J Saunders
J E Bardo A Hunter R A Ralli R A Shanks
S J Charlton N M Johnson G C Ramsey
N R Charrington N A Mackenzie C M Rogers
A R Cope N I Markham Robert Ruck-Keene

Class of 1967

Peter? Anderson Michael Buck C J Maxwell N H Tanner
J C Arnold C L Davies S C Randall J W Taylor
P D Austen R A Harris J H Reid George Wander
A R Bell M E Harrison S C Sanderson R H Winter
G P Bradshaw J V Hart J P Seabrook

Class of 1968

Charles Blacklock M J Gould Mark Mans Martin Pratt
James Garrett Pegge N D Headley Andy Mason Ian Pretty
C J Goodger Nick Jones Hugh Padgham J F Ward

Class of 1969

H F Allen Robert (Bob) Cornwall Duncan Mackenzie Jonathan Seabrook
Andrew Armitage J M Ferguson Robin Mackenzie Marcus Simmons
Nick Biss R A Fox Jonathan Mason Nicholas Sudbury
G L Bnooker Philip Franks Richard Matlock Richard Tribe
Richard Buck Colin Glossop Chris Mennem Simon Whitworth
John Butcher Jonathan Graffy R J Millen Michael Wood
David Cawston Jonathan Hearn G R Prest or Puest Ian Yellowlees
P A Charlton Tim Higgs Christopher Roberts



Class of 1970

Nicholas Bromley J ‘Tiggy’ Gould Nick Reid Christopher Unsworth
Andrew Crump Michael? Grimsdell John Robinson Philip Wander
Ian Drummond Benjamin Mennem Hugh Senior
John Galbraith A R Mitchell Andrew Thomson
John Goble Jeremy Newby Vincent Andrew Tribe

Class of 1971

Simon Armitage Julian Davies J K McChae H P Stables
Nicholas Arnold M J Hill Phillip Ralli Patrick Vigne
J R Clarke M G Jordan S J Sanderson R G Webster
J C Darmon Russell/Rusty Lodge Andrew Senior

Class of 1972

Stewart/Stuart? Crump William Lake R V Morgan Richard Thomson
Donald Galbraith Christopher Leach R W Moss Charles Williams
Nicholas Greenwood Peter Marson Julian Planterose
Nigel Grice J I McAlley Simon Powell

Class of 1973

Quentin Armitage Simon Knights David Packer Adam Rope
Richard Ball Guy Monsen-Fry Nicholas Perrin Nigel Spencer
Nicholas Kerr Matthew Mullins Angus Rogers Ian Williams

Class of 1974

A Algar Robert Brooks David Irwin T J Sloper
Paul Allen Peter Carey Richard McGill J G Thornton
Richard Baker Patrick Gilson Alexander Mennem Ollie Ward
Rhees Baron R H Ginder David Moss
G R Bayly Christopher Higgs Hugh Popplewell
P I Booth William Hutton Kevin Riley

Class of 1975

Robert Armitage Simon Hood Huw Prothero Bruce Thomson
Frank Blanchette Simon? Jones Peter Schroeder R P Tribe
Tim Bowling Geoff? Lake Robin Sherwood Guy Walker
Miles Brazier Jamie Marson Kevin Silver
Jerome Coulton Simon Moore Paul? Strange
Andrew Harris Nick Pegley Jeff Streule

Class of 1976

Andrew Bayly Tim Greenslade Simon Little Ewan Scuthcher
R F Booth John Gregory Peter Mullins Charles Shanks
Mark Bowsher John Hawksley Jeremy Newland David Tavernor
Nick Bramwell T S Jones D R Owens Mark Taylor
Mark Carey John Kelly Nicholas Packer
J C Coquillon Mark Lague Angus Rogers
David Demmery Julian Lidstone Ian Roy

Class of 1977

Anthony Armitage Timothy Hearn R Pearce Simon Stanworth
William Armitage Simon Irwin Thomas Petersen Jonathan Vaile
Roger Barber Mark Knights David Pritchard J R Walker
Justin Carter N J Moss Charles Rawlins S J Walker
L G Green Tim Patch M W Reynolds

Class of 1978

David Brown Charles Dornton David Harland J G Olear
M W Carter Toby Dunn Jeremy?Healy Piers Ricketts
Christopher Collier Edwin Farr David Honigmann Dominic Sale
Daniel Coulton James Farrer-Brown Ian Jennings Paul Schroeder
T P Darmon Mike Foxley Aaron Jones P P Thomson
Keith Davis Anthony Gormly C H Jones Mike Thornton
James Donaldson Stephen Gummer Gavan Little
M A Donaldson John Handy David Mullins

Class of 1979

James Austin Jeremy Fage Jeremy Lye Daniel Silver
Martin Barber Angus Ferguson William Moore James Stuart
Dominic Bromley Justin Fowler David Nicholson Christian Sweet
Darrin Charlton G M Greaves R D Peters R F Wilkinson
Simon Cox David Jacobi Tim Scott Keith Wood-Smith
Andrew Dawson Paul Jakobi Roland Shanks



Class of 1980

Timothy Bishop Torquil Gibbs Witney King Andrew Whewell
David Bosdet Douglas Green Richard Lambert William Woodley
Rupert/Robert? Fage R M Johnson Tim Macmillan
M J Feltham Robert? Jones Rupert Pritchard

Class of 1981

M P Adams Damian Gray C T Owen Jonty Sale
Richard Ames Jim Hodder David Pearce Edward/Edwin? Webb
Keith/Hugh? Blenkinsopp Fraser Jackson Simon Perrin David Webster
Stephen David Euan Leckie Mark Pickering Richard? Wilkins
C T Gill Tim Loveridge Nick Pool
Samuel Godden Andrew Lykiardopoulos Marc/Mark? Sabido

Class of 1982

Pete Austin Nick Grice Chris Lye Chris Scott
Andrew? Beattie Nick Groves David Morgan David Sherriff
Dan Cotton Peter Hanley Andrew Nimmo A R Thomson
Paul Davis Oliver Jones Hamish Overend Kevin? West
Christopher Dawson Chris Larminie George Roberts

Class of 1983

Nick Berriff Ingo Hetteling Jonathan Rugg Ian Wright
Charles Butterworth A R  Johnson Chris Salter Justin Wrigley
Phil Daborn Ian Johnson D C Sharp David Young
Robert Flynn Christopher? Packer D C  Stewart
Jonathan Fortgang Tom? Robson A G Sunderland
Nick Gordon J M Ross J W Willmott

Class of 1984

Adrian Ambrose Richard Ellison Jari Kettering James Richens
Anthony Booth R D Ferguson Chester King N P ten Berg
Ben Buston R W E Furse S S Lewis A J Wilshire
David Caithness William Green L N Linington
Chris Cansdale M C Hopkins David Parkinson
Kenny Carter Kit Johnson T R Phipps

Class of 1985

Peter Carter James Dalton-Morris Anthony Liddell William Mowle
Richard Cochrane Ollie Hill Alistair/Alastair Lowden Adrian Toynton
Doug Cook Marcus Holburn C Masters David Williams
Matthew Crabbe Adrian Lambert Peter Morgan

Class of 1986

Olly Buston James? Davies Joe Molony Barnaby Smith
H M Cairns Sam Dawson Toby Phillips Alistair Stewart
William Cogan William Glyn-Jones Peter Richens Thomas Wrigley
Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby Steven Hewitt John Rinkel
Michael Dalton-Morris John Leeper R P Senior (Kinsey)

Class of 1987

Richard Alderson Ian/ Iain Cuthbert S V Lewis N H Power
Matthew Anderson Simon Cuthbert Benjamin Merrick Max Rooksby
Alan/ Alun Barkas C M Davies Aidan Meynell Jon Sabido
Robert Church T A Donaldson Anthony Parkes Bruce Tolmie-Thomson
T D Craig Paul Griffiths Mark Parkinson James Walsh

Class of 1988

Jon Anderson Sam Cook Nick Lee N P Rees
Matthew Brown Nick Greaves Ben Linington James Rugg
Nick Brown Matthew Higgs J K Madoui Andrew Schutte
James Cameron D H Hunt Jeroen Nimz C A Smith
David Cleveland Alex Kydd James Parsons P G White

Class of 1989

Christopher Allen Henry Eatok Taylor Tom Molony J D Sharpley
Scott Bethune Andrew Farrow Simon Neil Adam Sidney
R J Brand James Franklin Nick North Robin Tilley
Paul Brennan Julian Goford A Pinches John Wilson
J A Bristow D Knight Philip Pym
A J Brook B L Lewis James Roberts
Alex Dawson M D Macfarlane Edward Salter


We are unfortunately missing some names of Old Boys who attended the School in the 1990’s, particularly those who belonged to the class of 1990, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 (i.e. the year they would have left The Beacon had they stayed until Year 8). We would be very grateful for anyone who could help us compile a full list of Old Boys for each of those years – please email

Class of 1990 

R J Anderson Ben Coppock James Levison Tim Stewart
Jonathan Barclay Alex Harwood J D Marshall C E Thomson
D S Barrow Julian Heath NicholasT Mifsud Chris Tighe
Clive Bolt C G Heimann Michael Parsons Rory Watson
Andrew Cansdale T M Hunt Mark Radon
James Cope S W Jeffries Neil Ronson

Class of 1991

Liam Brennan A W Gibson Christopher Neil Alex Sharman
T A Briant- Evans Colin Harris Paul O’Neill Paul Stewart
Duncan Chamberlain F E Hayes Andrew Overend Ben? Stirling
Stephen Deuters Paul Hollands S M Parekh David Torbet
Tony Foot Jonny Hudson Tom Price James Waite
Andrew Franklin Paul Ingram Jonathan Rees Ben Wilson
Jody Frost Chris Kelly John Reynolds

Class of 1992

Robert Alderson James Carrell James Hannan Simon Neill
Richard Baguley Andrew Chatterton Christopher Heath M D Seares
Andrew? Bailey Matt Cresswell Simon Holmes David Vicary
Andrew Ball David Emery William Leeper Hamish Watson
Anthony Barclay W G Fielding David Masters
Oliver Barnsley Amos Fletcher Simon Maude-Roxby
Graham? Blackwell Andrew/ Adrian Gillott Richard Muir

Class of 1993

Anthony Anderson Max Desoutter Andrew? Moon Richard Thomas
Martin Baber James Fleet Richard Murphy Oliver Vincent
Kevin Coakley Daniel Halsey Peter Neale Ollie Ward
James Cochrane Alexander John Alex Price Alex Wood

Class of 1994

C E Boyle Edward Desoutter Alex Jones S J Pollock
G M Brooks Ryan Dickinson David Jones Andrew Quilter
Nick Brown Matthew Dyson R P Jones Jonathan Schutte
T A Brown James Hannan Jake Latham Luke Spurway
Tom Card Aidan Harris H M Leeney Andrew Tonks
Andrew Chrimes J C Hedberg Jamie Lillywhite Stuart Valentine
Tom Clarke A T Hinaman Jonathan Lunt Alex Vass
Nick Collinson J A Holroyd James McNeilly
Nick Darbyshire Charlie Irvine P J Ogden

Class of 1995

William Baguley Charles Emery Tom Hart Nicholas Owen
Nick Bates Paul Fisher D G Heath Andy Radon
Luke Bedford Rupert Fletcher Geoff Huson E Sherwood-Roberts
David Bermingham Alistair Giles David Ireland Rupert Single
Christopher Cockle William Gordon Alexander Maloney Alex Turner
Richard Duncan Matthew Hart Charles Owen Matthew Wolfenden

Class of 1996 

Gavin Bannerman Gerard Harris David Neave James Walker
Tobias Conroy Alasdair Jackson Jim Sanders Jeremy Whitaker
Andrew Cooper Thomas Manley John Sarsfield Ben Wilson
Oliver Cooper Jan Mazingoski Christopher Sharpes Jason Wilson
Tim Dyson George Murphy Matthew Southall

Class of 1997

Peter Adi Adam Giles Robert Huggins Simon Vince
Peter Bendell Timothy Harrison Tom Lillywhite
Jonathon Dainty Matthew Hart Kit Lucas
Peter Dawson Matthew Hiscock Henrik Potter

Class of 1998 

Tom Berisford Rudy De Oliveira Thomas Leslie Stuart Penman
James Campbell Luke Finegan Sam Lewis Ewen Pritchett
Philip Caruso Oliver Gibson Colin Miles Ashley Rake
Matthew Dance Max Guttfield Nicholas Mitchell Ben Ramsden
Simon Day Tom Kaneko Timothy Norris

Class of 1999

Oliver Card Christopher Fletcher Peter Lee Niklas Potter
Stanley Coombes James Goates Jonathan Lillycrop Alexander Robertson
Ryan Dale Dominic Haddock George Maisey Anthony Rooney
Gregory Douglas Gareth Hart Aidan Manecki Andrew Rutter
Oliver Dunn Jeremy Harvey Jonathan Martin Joshan Thaker
Martin Easterman Robert Hopper Nicholas Petford William Toogood
Steve Fawbert Guy Johnson Matthew Pollard Joseph Williams


Class of 2000

Nicholas Adi Christopher Henry Jesse Mullins Sean Thomson
John Bowen Jamie Hiscock Timothy Ower James Todd
Joe Collins Will Jenkins Christopher Reynolds Christopher Wheeler
Alastair Cowley Benjamin Joyce Benjamin Summers James Wilkinson
Matthew Dennehy Nick McKenzie Nicholas Swart Peter Woodruff

Class of 2001

Richard Black Charles Harvey Alex Martin Daniel Sherville
Michael Bull Matthew Kearney Yuki Ohashi Charles Sullivan
Jack Carroll Christopher Lillycrop J Peebles Tim Taylor
Stephane Corbel Julian Mann Thomas Riley Andrew Wheeler
John Davidson Tom Manton R Sanders

Class of 2002

James Aitken William Douglas Ed Marchant Peter Swart
Jonathan Barnes Ben Eames Christopher Mitchell Robert Thorman
Neil Brocklehurst Phillip Garmon-Jones Calum Paterson Samuel Watts
James Carswell Jamie Groom Brandon Rallo
Laurence De Carle Kamran Haq Jamie Steel

Class of 2003

Daniel Baker Rory Cuthbert Charles Lewis Marffy Thomas Petford
Daniel Brown Christopher Deacon William Lowry Alexander Proctor
Stuart Buchan Joshua Dodds Christopher Maloney Joseph Puttick
Thomas Chapman Charles Evans Alex Morris David Rothera
Edward Conley Edward Goates Peter Norton Andrew Teale

Class of 2004

Marcus Brodin James Hughes William Matthews Mark Reynolds
Adam Brown Elliot Hyams Sam Mayo Oliver Roberts
Neil Brown William Jackson Alexander Measey William Stuart
Miles Chapman Peter Jones Tomas Nemec Max Weston
Douglas Connell Jack Lawrence George Pickers
David Cox Alexander Lawson Ian Pogson
Neil Dale-Lace Alec Lewis Marffy Jonathon Pope

Class of 2005 

Joseph Boardman Lewis Evans Rhett Marison William Thomson
Oliver Cooper Orlando Figg Ben Morris
George Crooks Charlie Hogan Adam Ridsdale

Class of 2006

Harri Adcock Philip Howlett Henry Morris Louis Scotto
Liam Barden Max Johnson Michael Nemec Tom Swart
Hugh Coles Will Kynaston James Nicholls Alec-John Tucker
Thomas Fedorovsky Angus Lees Fitzgibbon Tom Phillips George Van Eesteren
Matthew Gabe Luke Measey Oliver Ralph Robert Webber

Class of 2007

Alistair Anderson William Guise Oliver Miller Jan-Peter Westad
Russell Arthurs Tristan Hine Oliver Norman Andrew Wilson
Daniel Corrigan Adam Lambert Luke Price Oliver Wood
Jack Corrigan-Stuart Simon Lane Charlie Thompson Rupert Woodley
Lewis Davis David Machin Alastair Tucker
Christopher Gabe Robbie McGregor Oliver Weiner

Class of 2008

Richard Alexander Michael Patch Hugh Robinson James Wilson
Francis Boyter Dominic Penton-Hauchard Johnathan Ross
Michael Dickson Leo Popplewell Ian Sillett
Luke Dontschuk William Roberts Angus Twogood

Class of 2009

Harry Barnes Monty Cuthbert James Kemp Cameron O’Brien
Eddie Bentley William Day Max Khazaneh Jamie Wills
Nicholas Black Jack Dempsey Joshua Livingstone Henry Wood
Charlie Brewer Joe Dugdale John Martin
Joseph Carey Thomas Harrison Joshua Myers
Edward Clark Kai Jones Arjun Patel

Class of 2010

Kevin Combe Julian Lawrance Brandon Plumb Sacha Stanojlovic
Eden Curtis Rob Mcpherson Josh Richardson Bernard Van Eesteren
Jake Figg Tommy Moore Henry Rogers Jake Waters
James Hallam Jonathan Muress Fraser Sanderson Thomas Wood
Andrew Hammett Thomas Oja Samir Shah

Class of 2011

Edmund Alexander Matthew Cook Jack Guise Ollie Porter
Joshua Amirtharajah Hassan Dagina Ben Johnson William Sapsford
Tom Belton Harry Deane Evgeny Kudryashov Milo Stanojlovic
Scott Bendall Lochlann Facer-Floate Chris Marshall Sean Tadman
Aman Birring William Gibbs Alex Miller Tommy Taziker
Harry Brewer Adam Greenway Joshua Plumb

Class of 2012

Euan Baillie Ollie Ellis Alex Milton Archie Purvis
Jonathan Barnes Hugh Finlay Rohan Montgomery Joseph Sparks
David Bligh Oli Gabe Sam Nicholson Matty Thomas
William Briscoe Gus Griffiths Timothy Oja Oliver Walker
Alex Cole Callum Halpin Thomas Oke Ben Williams
Alasdair Cook Finn Hynes Henry Osborne Kyle Woobey
Milo Cooper Marcus Lawrance Charlie Pearson George Wood

Class of 2013

Jack Cassidy Hector Gibbs Nikhil Limbani Kit Reynolds
Matteo Cocchiara Alexander Hall James Makins-Elliott Max Swanne
Alexander Cook Farjad Khan Maksim Maksimuk Freddie Tadman
Austin Curtis Gabriel Knopp Aidan Mullins Duncan Torbet
Archie Figg Thomas Langley Tom Nicholson Chas Warner
Mitch Fung James Lewis Alex Phillips

Class of 2014

Morgan Alexander Charles Gilbert Alexander Martin-Lof Hamish McDowell
Arjun Birring Ollie Griffiths James Massa Spencer Poole
Harry Bradshaw Thomas Herrero Joshua Michaels Dan Restall
Declan Comerford George Hiscock Archie Moore Thomas Riley
Callum Cook Jack Hudson Oscar Nevin Oliver Swart
Tommy Deane Ben Hutchinson Kurczij Miles Orovwuje-Forbes Will Tattam
George Drewry Joshua Lloyd Devan Owen Ben Zandonati
Billy French Will Makins-Elliott Henry Pearson
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