The Big Beacon Alumni Hunt

Unfortunately, over the years we have managed to lose touch with many of our alumni and have regrettably lost some of our records.

If you attended The Beacon in the 1970s, or had a sibling or relative who did, please take a moment to look at our list of lost alumni below, and kindly let us know if you can help put us in touch with anyone listed, tell us any first names where we have only initials, or provide any other information that might help us find lost members (e.g. whether they had any brothers, cousins or other relatives who attended the School). Names appear in class of order, i.e. the year they would have left The Beacon had they stayed until Year 8 (aged 13). Please email any information you have to  It is also possible to update details using our secure alumni update form.

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide, and enormous thanks to all those who have already been helping us with this project.

We will be adding further lists of ‘lost’ alumni for our 1950s, 1960s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000 leavers shortly.

Class of 1970

Nicholas Bromley John Goble Jeremy Newby Vincent Andrew Tribe
Andrew Crump J ‘Tiggy’ Gould Jeremy Pratt Christopher Unsworth
Roger Deacon Michael? Grimsdell Nick Reid Philip Wander
Ian Drummond Benjamin Mennem John Robinson
Jonathan Draffan A R Mitchell Hugh Senior
John Galbraith Alan Newberry Andrew Thomson

Class of 1971

Simon Armitage Barnaby Green Russell Lodge H P Stables
Nicholas Arnold J D Green J K McChae Patrick Vigne
J R Clarke M J Hill Phillip Ralli R G Webster
Christopher Cooper Nigel Hood S J Sanderson
Julian Davies M G Jordan Andrew Senior

Class of 1972

S N Crump Nigel Grice R V Morgan Simon Powell
William Fraser William Lake R W Moss Richard Thomson
J S Furness Christopher Leach David Newberry C E M Williams
Donald Galbraith Peter Marson Simon Nisbett
Nicholas Greenwood J I McAlley J R Planterose

Class of 1973

Quentin Armitage Simon Knights Nicholas Perrin Nigel Spencer
Richard Ball Guy Monsen-Fry Angus Rogers Simon Tutt
David Black Matthew Mullins Adam Rope Ian Williams
Nicholas Kerr David Packer Dominic Schneiders T Young-Jamieson

Class of 1974

A Algar Robert Brooks William Hutton Hugh Popplewell
Paul Allen Peter Carey David Irwin Kevin Riley
Richard Baker Patrick Gilson Simon Lague T J Sloper
Rhees Baron R H Ginder Richard McGill J G Thornton
G R Bayly Andrew Gummer Alexander Mennem Ollie Ward
P I Booth Christopher Higgs David Moss

Class of 1975

Robert Armitage John Hardman Jamie Marson Kevin Silver
Frank Blanchette Andrew Harris Simon Moore Paul? Strange
Tim Bowling Simon Hood Nick Pegley Jeff Streule
Miles Brazier Simon? Jones Huw Prothero Bruce Thomson
Jerome Coulton Tom Knox Wright Peter Schroeder R P Tribe
Sam Graffy Geoff? Lake Robin Sherwood Guy Walker

Class of 1976

R F Booth David Demmery Mark Lague Ian Roy
Tim Bowling Tim Greenslade Julian Lidstone Ewan Scuthcher
Mark Bowsher David Gregory Simon Little Charles Shanks
Nick Bramwell John Gregory Peter Mullins David Tavernor
Mark Carey John Hawksley Jeremy Newland Mark Taylor
J C Coguillon T S Jones D R Owens
Hadrian Coulton John Kelly Nicholas Packer
Jonathan Kendall Angus Rogers

Class of 1977

A J Armitage Timothy Hearn R Pearce Simon Stanworth
William Armitage Simon Irwin Thomas Petersen Jonathan Vaile
Roger Barber Mark Knights David Pritchard J R Walker
Justin Carter N J Moss Charles Rawlins S J Walker
L G Green Tim Patch M W Reynolds

Class of 1978

David Brown M A Donaldson J P Handy G S Little
M W Carter Charles Dornton David Harland D S Mullins
Christopher Collier T Dunn J M Healy J G Olear
J J Cooper Edwin Farr D B Honigmann Piers Ricketts
Daniel Coulton James Farrer-Brown I C Jennings D M Sale
T P Darmon M C Foxley E H Johnson Paul Schroeder
Keith Davis A W Gormly Aaron Jones P P Thomson
James Donaldson Stephen Gummer C H Jones M G Thornton

Class of 1979

James Austin Angus Ferguson William Moore J B Stuart
Martin Barber Justin Fowler David Nicholson Chris Sweet
Dominic Bromley G M Greaves R D Peters R F Wilkinson
Darrin Charlton David Jacobi Tim Scott K A Wood-Smith
Simon Cox Paul Jakobi Roland Shanks
A J Dawson Hertford King Daniel Silver
Jeremy Fage Jeremy Lye William Streule


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