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Muddy Stilettos

We are delighted that The Beacon has received a truly “glowing” school review from the UK’s Best Schools team at Muddy Stilettos (Bucks and Oxon).

After extensive local research and an extended visit to our School in early March, their editor, Hero Brown, writes: “The largest single sex prep school in the UK, The Beacon still has an impressively inclusive, family feel to it, with a focus on pastoral care and turning out well-rounded boys.

Pastoral Care

The Beacon’s focus on our Community’s wellbeing and pastoral care is mentioned throughout the review: “This is an area The Beacon delivers particularly well on. The core message of ‘be kind, be kind, be kind’ as the school ethos is a powerful starting point (compare to other schools and their mottos of ambition, strive, success etc.), and this is backed up with active teaching of life skills like mindfulness from Reception upwards, Years 7 & 8 mentoring the younger boys and the permanent school counsellor.” Pre-Prep’s Hot Chocolate treats even get a mention! “…kindness starts early here – the children who are recognised for being thoughtful to others get a hot chocolate with Mr Steward.

Our Parents’ Views

Their School Reviews team has also been listening to current Beacon parents’ views, which have been described as “glowing“. “The view from parents is that it’s strong across the board, academically… but also across the arts which are seen as just as ‘cool’ as sports.

Added Extras

Even The Beacon’s legendary lunches get a mention! “These are the best school lunches I’ve ever come across. The breadth on offer, but also the thought that’s gone into Taste Buddies, a kitchen-led initiative getting the kids to try British seasonal food… was seriously impressive.

A big thank you to Muddy Stilettos for visiting The Beacon and listing us as one of their UK’s Best Schools. To read the full review, please click here.


The Good Schools Guide

Please click here for the full, unbiased review of The Beacon by The Good Schools Guide, the number one UK trusted school guide.

“The Beacon is a dynamic, busy and above all, happy place. It’s a big school that thinks big and while the head and governors have ambitious plans for the future, these are firmly founded upon the school’s existing core strengths and values.”

Vast Array of Opportunities

“Throughout our visit we got a very strong sense that education in its widest sense is pursued here, with all activities, not just core academic subjects, being valued and properly resourced. Parents agree – we heard practically everything on the timetable singled out for praise.”

Pastoral Care

“Pastoral care is right at the centre of school’s three-part management structure (pastoral, academic, executive) and along with well-being and ‘lifestyle’ is a key component of the Beacon Vision, a statement of how the school sees its future development.”

Sports for All

“Unsurprisingly, sport is a big deal, with masses of teams and a full fixture list. Head told us: ‘For major sports we field up to five teams to maximise participation; players’ performances are assessed post-match and movement between the teams is genuinely flexible’.”