Speech Day 2024!

4 July 2024

On Wednesday afternoon, we welcomed our Beacon Community to the Wycombe Swan Theatre for our annual Speech Day event, celebrating the achievements of Years 4-8. We were thrilled to celebrate the end of the school year by honouring all the remarkable achievements and successes as the Summer Term draws to a close.

Throughout the year, we have enjoyed a wide range of activities and events, including spectacular performances, Maths challenges, chess competitions, culinary cook-offs, an art exhibition, a DT tournament, and outstanding sporting events, with notable achievements at national competitions.

Our boys, their families, Beacon staff, and governors eagerly anticipated the commencement of the event, which featured an exciting schedule of speeches and announcements, Music and Drama performances, video memoirs, and of course, prizes and awards.

Congratulations to our current Year 7 boys, soon to be Year 8, who have been appointed to new roles of responsibility as the new Head Boy Team and House Captains. We hope you are excited about the new challenges ahead!

For many boys, Speech Day is an exciting and moving way to end the year reminiscing on the highlights of their Beacon adventure and the opportunities they have embraced. The memories, life skills and incredible friendships.

It is also a poignant occasion to say farewell to some of our Year 6 boys and all of our current Year 8 boys, whose journey at The Beacon has come to an end after nearly a decade for some. We wish all of our Beacon boys the best of luck in their next chapter. It has been a privilege to watch them grow into exceptional young men who are sure to achieve great things.

Speech Day was a resounding success, filled with emotion. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make such a wonderful event possible. A special mention to Alistair Land, Headmaster at Harrow School and governor at The Beacon, who presented our Year 8 Leavers’ Roll of Honour. And a huge thank you to our keynote speaker James Harding (former Beacon boy 1978-87) who gave an inspiring talk.

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