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Month: May 2023

Sports Day 2023

30 May 2023

On Friday, our boys in Years 3 to 8 took part in our annual Sports Day. There was a huge amount of excitement as they…

Beacon Boys Collaborate With RMS Girls

26 May 2023

We were thrilled to have another successful STEM morning this week, with the Royal Masonic School girls once again, joining our Beacon boys here at…

BBC Young Reporters 2023

25 May 2023

It was an exciting Thursday morning for our Year 8 boys this week. They acted as roving reporters as part of the BBC Young Reporter…

1969 USA Berkshire UFO Drama Revealed

25 May 2023

A Netflix documentary has unearthed sightings of a UFO in a small town in Massachusetts, USA almost 54 years after witnesses first reported them. On…

Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 30

25 May 2023

Dear Parents, Well, that was a great party!  A packed dancefloor, lots of cheer, great company and a very excitable and energetic atmosphere at Latimer…

Vapes Found With Double Amount of Lead and Nickel

25 May 2023

Nine percent of school children under the age of 15, in the UK, have reported that they have vaped in 2023, but this percentage could…

Wimbledon Hits Again 

25 May 2023

Will the great tennis tournament be the same again?  This year, the great tennis tournament known as Wimbledon is held from 3rd July until Sunday 16th July.  Held one…

New Strange Food Combinations Recommended by Famous Chefs

25 May 2023

Vanilla ice-cream and wasabi peas The chef (Ramael Scully) who created this wonderous master piece in lockdown. A chef with too much time on his hands…

Michael Smith Wins the World Championships After Three Years of Trying

25 May 2023

English Sportsman wins the world championships   On the 3rd January, English dart player Michael Smith darted his way to the 1st place in Alexandra Palace, in London. He…

Vape Addictions in Children

25 May 2023

Vape addiction in children has risen by 16% in children aged 11-17 in 2022 Concerns have been raised about many children becoming addicted to vapes….