Year 7 Adventures!

3 July 2024

Last week, our Year 7 boys enjoyed an exciting Modern Foreign Languages trip to either Montpellier in France, or Málaga in Spain, subject to their language choice of study.

Trip to Montpellier, France 

Embarking on a school trip is always an exciting endeavour, but the Year 7 boys’ trip to Montpellier was one for the books. Despite a few unexpected hurdles, the experience turned out to be an incredible journey filled with learning, adventure, and camaraderie.

Mornings in Language School

Once in Montpellier, the boys settled into their new routine. Mornings were dedicated to immersing themselves in the French language at a local language school. The school provided a vibrant and engaging environment where learning was fun and interactive. From vocabulary drills to conversational practice, the boys quickly picked up new phrases and improved their French language skills. The teachers were not only knowledgeable but also enthusiastic, making the classes enjoyable and memorable.

Afternoons of Fun and Exploration

Afternoons were a delightful contrast to the structured mornings. The boys had the opportunity to unwind and soak up the sun at the stunning beaches of Montpellier. They built sandcastles, played beach football, and waded in the azure waters of the Mediterranean. These moments of relaxation were perfect for bonding and making lasting memories.

Exploring the city of Montpellier was another highlight. The boys wandered through the charming streets, marvelling at the blend of historic architecture and modern vibrancy. They visited a local shopping centre, where they practiced their newly acquired French skills whilst shopping for souvenirs. The energy and excitement of the city captivated them, offering a perfect blend of education and adventure.

High Spirits and a Triumphant Return

Throughout the trip, the boys remained in high spirits. Their ability to adapt to changing circumstances and maintain a positive outlook was commendable. The initial setback of the cancelled flight seemed a distant memory as they embraced the unexpected experience of travelling by train through France and Britain to be reunited with their parents.

Each night during a meal at local restaurants, the boys shared stories and laughter, reflecting on the day. As the week came to a close, the boys returned home with a wealth of new experiences and a deeper appreciation for French culture and language. They had not only improved their linguistic skills but also learned valuable life lessons about resilience, adaptability, and the joy of exploring new places.

Trip to Málaga, Spain

During the school’s residential week, our Year 7 boys studying Spanish embarked on an exciting trip to the city of Málaga in southern Spain. Despite a very early start, as the boys stepped off the aeroplane into the heat of the Andalusian summer it was clear they were ready to embrace everything this incredible city has to offer.

Mornings in Language School

Their days began with immersive Spanish lessons. The boys’ positive attitudes and confidence ensured they made the most of this unique opportunity to improve their language skills. These skills were put to good use in all sorts of situations, whether ordering in the local cafetería or conversing with staff around the hotel.

Afternoons of Fun and Exploration

As for the afternoons, the boys enjoyed a tour La Alcazaba (an 11th Century military fortress in the city centre), a salsa lesson, swimming and games in the pool and a trip to the local beach.

Farewell to Málaga

With 12 hours of Spanish lessons under their belts and many happy memories, the boys bid a sad farewell to Málaga. ¡Hasta la próxima!

Thank you to all our staff members who attended the trip, and to our Year boys for being so well behaved throughout the week.