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BBC News Reporter 2024

Is VAR ruining The Beautiful Game? By Rory O’S and Charlie G

23 May 2024

Have you ever watched a Premier League beauty  of a goal and it only to be ruled off by VAR ? VAR (Virtual Assistant Referee)…

Dog Attacks Increase Rapidly – Logan G and Gabriel W

23 May 2024

In the UK, dog attacks have been occurring more over the years as more cases of dogs, not only killing other people but also their…

Rishi Strikes Again! By Kieran M and Oscar H

23 May 2024

Electing our future Rishi Sunak thinks it is time for a new general election.  and says, “now is the moment for Britain to choose its…

Should Kids Eat Energy Bars and Other Supplements Under The Age of 16 in the UK? – William M-S and Byron H

23 May 2024

Ever since energy bars were created in the 1960s, intended for space travel, they have become increasingly popular in the UK. Recently, many teenagers and…

How Turbulence Killed a Man – The Tragic London – Singapore -By Alex T and Emre B

23 May 2024

On the 21st of May, Singapore Airlines flight SQ 321 hit frighteningly large turbulence, killing a 71-year old man and injuring dozens of civilians. Passengers…

Jurgen Klopp leaves Liverpool -By Abhi D 

23 May 2024

Jurgen Klopp leaves Liverpool after nearly a decade of managing The Reds. When did he leave? After winning eight major titles including one Premier League,…