Dog Attacks Increase Rapidly – Logan G and Gabriel W

23 May 2024

In the UK, dog attacks have been occurring more over the years as more cases of dogs, not only killing other people but also their own owners, has gone up.

In the UK there have been instances of owners deliberately harassing their dog which affects their mood and the way they act. Statistics have shown that an obedient dog owner that treats their dog properly makes the dog less harmless to people, but bad owners have the opposite effect.

Statistics show that over the last 6 years the numbers of dog attacks have nearly doubled as in 2018 the number were 18,527. Now, five years later, in 2023 the number reached a staggering 30,594.


In 2023 a XL bully dog owner lost control of his dog allowing it to jump up on top of the victim and mauled him. This atrocious attack left the man with physical and mental scars. He felt pain every day, but his mental scars stop him from going outside. It has been reported that the man is now physically scared of dogs.

The owner of the bully dog, Phillip Williams aged 55 was sentenced to 12-month community order with 80 hours of unpaid work. The reason for this is because the dog was not wearing a muzzle at the time of the attack. The dog was never found. The behaviour of the dog leaves a question on how the dog was treated at home.


The reason to why dog attacks have been rising is because of how they have been bred. But also, some dogs have been brought into the country illegally by gangs and sold without any sort of training and if they have any training not for good reasons. Most breeds that owners buy these days are labradors, yet the pit bull is an extremely dangerous and common dog that is seen on the streets all around the UK.

Another reason a dog could attack is if the dog is feeling agitated or under the pressure of human activity which leads the dog to snap, making the numbers of attacks increase.

The rise of numbers increases every year as dogs are treated more cruelly this leads to more aggressive behaviour causing more deaths. Statistics show that the number of deaths via dog attacks are significantly higher. As in 2022 the number of deaths were 6 but in 2023 the number shot up to 16, which statistically proves that they are becoming more aggressive and common.


The UK population of dogs have gone up, as 29% of adults in the UK have a dog as an estimate of 11million pet dogs. This has shown that the more dogs the more attacks in the UK.

Now in 2024 there is a law to stop dog attacks as XL bullies are more likely to kill and maul people out of nowhere. Anyone that has a XL bully dog must now get them a certificate of exemption. This law was announced on December 31st, 2023. To get this certificate you must go on the government website. The certificate of exemption shows that if your dog is on the dangerous dog list then you have bred the dog to the government’s standards and that they will not attack another human.