Rishi Strikes Again! By Kieran M and Oscar H

23 May 2024

Electing our future

Rishi Sunak thinks it is time for a new general election.

 and says, “now is the moment for Britain to choose its future”.          

However, Downing Street was not all in unison on this decision. The Tories Chief Strategist Issac Levido said that he believed that Sunak should have waited to hold a general election and announce it later in the year like in October or November and should have “gone long”. This would also give the conservatives more time. Tory said he was “surprised” by the timing, but he says it could be a “smart gamble”.       

Why would Rishi Sunak call a summer election?

The last summer election was in 1944 and causes may be due to that inflation has gone down in numbers and as well as that our economy is growing rapidly. 

This occurred on Wednesday 22nd May and Rishi Sunak announced that the next general election will be on July 4th. This is also American Independence Day. 

Rishi is eager to get as many votes as possible and is trying to win against the Labour party as Rishi is conservative. The recent Polls are that the Labour party is leading by 20% more than the Conservative party. In short, the polls have predicted a landslide victory for Labour and that there is very little if any chance for the Tories. 

An interview with Mr Detre

Mr Detre

Q- What was your reaction to the election at first?

A- I wasn’t very surprised as I knew that there was going to be an election in the next few months before the end of the year.

Q- Why do you think the election was picked in the summer?

A- I think it may have been because yesterday morning there was some news that morning that said there was a decline in inflation and so the prime minister probably thought that it would be a good idea.

Q- Do you think labour could bring in more taxation?

A- It could do. I believe we will learn more about their policies as they try to persuade the voters. It would be something difficult for independent schools as the 20% tax may come in.

Q- what do you believe the next government should bring to the country?

A- I think in one-word stability.