BLM and the after effects reflected in literature and culture – By Cassius J and George G

24 May 2024

In 2020 the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) took the world by storm. Today we spoke to New York times Bestselling author James McBride, about what has happened since the movement and his experiences. Also, about how he puts his own experiences into his books.

In 2020 after the death of George Floyd the Black Lives Matter movement spread throughout the world. The movement started in the U.S.A and because of this the U.S.A was the focus of it. We are not looking at this specific moment in time, however, we will be exploring the aftermath and the improvements for black people.

We interviewed a Jewish African American author James McBride about his new book ‘The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store’ and his thoughts on the aftermath of the BLM movement.

‘The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store’ is all about equality and how he worked at a camp for handicapped children in Philadelphia. The book is all about immigrant Jews and African Americans living in the same town. Then the state came looking for a deaf boy to institutionalize him. The two main characters and the unofficial leader of the Black community there work together to keep the boy safe. McBride’s book is all about equality and different cultures working together. 

McBride’s opinion on the BLM movement is that African American people will always be treated differently. He suggests that racism in America and Britain will always be different, as racism in America is more direct and in Great Britain is more complicated. He also feels that some things which came of the BLM movement were positive and some were more negative.