Star Director Peyton Reed Interviewed about Plans For The Future – By Adrian T

23 May 2024

On the 22nd of May 2024 star director Peyton Reed was interviewed by Beacon boy, Adrian Tollja, for BBC Young Reporter at The Beacon School on a Zoom call.

Peyton Reed, a star director, kindly took some time out of his day to be interviewed about his work and plans for the future. He explained that in his childhood years that he was fascinated by movies, and he said, My dad used to take me to movies when I was really young.” He also told me: “My dad was very encouraging of the fact that I liked movies.” Mr Reed later told me that he finds his creativity through reading and his love of telling stories. “I just love reading, and I love going to movies and telling stories.”He also explains that, as a director, there is a lot of creativity and freedom while making movies and that the camera angle can tell you a lot about the characters. “I would put the camera lower to make the character look bigger.”

After he explained that growing up his favourite movie was the original Planet of the Apes film released on February 8th, 1968. He said it was, “A movie that transports you to another world.”He added that this movie encouraged his love for directing. I think it’s the movie that really made me want to make movies.”

He explained that his personal biggest achievement was getting the reaction that he wants“My personal biggest achievement is when you show a movie in a theatre full of people, and if people are laughing it feels like they are responding in the way you hope they would.”

When asked about his current project and what his plans are for the future, Mr Reed explained about an upcoming musical about the 60s band, The Monkeys and their journey to becoming a real band. “I am working on a movie that is sort of a musical. It’s about a band that existed in the 1960s called The Monkeys. They were not actually a real band but actors cast in a tv show called The Monkeys, but they then became a real band.”

Mr Reed ended the interview by giving some advice to the young children that want to pursue his career. It’s a job where, if you start the shooting day at say, 7am, the second you start the clock is ticking.”He explained that there is no time to waste, and there is a very tight schedule“It is a career that you have to keep trying, because there is a lot of rejection that goes on.”

Adrian was delighted to have interviewed Mr Reed and can’t wait to see how his future movies will turn out. Adrian also said he will be honoured to have him come and see The Beacon show The Revengers on the 19th, 20th and 21st of June.

“It was a truly remarkable experience, and I am very grateful for the opportunity, and I can’t wait to hear Mr Reed’s thoughts about our play.”