Could Classic Cars Be Going Extinct? By Kieran M and Oscar H

23 May 2024

There are many classic car and motoring enthusiasts in the UK and with the new regulations to be put into place to ban petrol by 2035 could it mean the end of the road for many of these enthusiasts, or will they find a way to keep their old bangers running? 

Classic car owners should be aware that the initial ‘petrol and diesel ban’ would only initially impact new car sales. However, a potential ban on petrol and diesel cars could make not only sourcing petrol very difficult for drivers but also sourcing spare parts for their petrol-powered dinosaurs. Many manufacturers have already thought of this and are making exact replica parts to go with the classics.

An interview with petrol-head Shaan Sandhu 

Q- Do you think petrol cars are going extinct?

A- Internal-combustion cars will always exist, whether they are running on petroleum or biofuels or alternative fuels I cannot tell you but petrol- and diesel-powered cars will always exist. In the future it will be electric cars going extinct

Q- What are your opinions on the future of motoring?

A- I believe that Petrol and Electric will lead for another 10 or 15 years until people realize electric isn’t the answer.

Q- what are your opinions on electric cars?

A- I believe that they are (censored).

Q- what do you believe will save motoring for the future?

A- I believe Jeremy Clarkson will as he has a massive following and focuses on the very best of the car world.

Shaan Sandhu (Deputy Head Boy)