Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 18

2 February 2024

Dear Parents,

Anyone who was following ‘The Traitors’, as I was, would no doubt have felt a bit empty this week with no Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night drama to look forward to.  For reality television, that was utterly compelling and incredible theatre…though probably not a great reflection on modern British society when deceit and dishonesty win over thoughtful insight, trust and genuine friendship.  A good concept though, and hats off to the creators for thinking so imaginatively when, with so much content past and present, it must be so difficult to come up with new ideas for television programmes.

No such problems this evening as we trot out the same tried and trusted ‘Quiz Night’ for a sold out audience in The Spinney Theatre.  Who doesn’t love a Quiz Night? Not Beacon parents and, if this week has been anything to go by, not Beacon boys either as I have had no problem recruiting over 35 willing Beacon boys to film various bits and pieces for this evening.  Certainly helps when you have such a brilliant marketing team to finesse the AV and there should be something for everyone tonight – we are having the full gamut of The Beacon School timetable, with ‘lessons’ instead of ‘rounds’.  Looking forward to seeing all the Teams this evening and if you are unable to make it, do check out my Instagram feed @thebeacon_head later on to see what our contestants will be getting up to – no spoilers but DT should be particularly interesting and whatever happens, a new ***Beacon World Record*** will be set tonight…

Have a good weekend,

Nick Baker

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