Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 12

8 December 2023

Dear Parents

The ‘Christmas Countdown’ continues apace, with all manner of festivities taking place around the school site this week.  Most of these were planned and in the diary, but when I left my office to teach Geography on Monday to 5Y I did not expect to return an hour later to the festive scene that adorned my office.  Visitors to the school this week (and my followers on Instagram @beacon_head) will have admired the polar bears, fairy lights, snowflakes, fireplace and Father Christmas, all beautifully and artistically arranged by our very own Mrs Debbie Mehta.  As one parent emailed me this week, “Who needs a trip to Fortnum & Masons when Mr Baker has such fabulous festive windows?”   I quite agree – save yourself a trip to London’s West End this Christmas and simply visit The Beacon School car park!

Lots of fun and excitement to come next week with the Winning House Treat to The Rex, Christmas Lunch, Carol Services and Final Assembly (with a special guest…) to name but a few – can’t wait.  I though, am unashamedly also looking forward to Tuesday night when Brigid and I go to the Royal Festival Hall to watch the recording of the ‘Adam and Joe Christmas Podcast’.  If you’re saying to yourself, “Why would you go up to London on a cold, wet night for that – what even is it?” well then you are in exactly the same company as Brigid who is asking that question more and more as we approach Tuesday.  Adam and Joe are quite niche comedians and not terribly well known, but I love them and their Christmas podcast has been one of my favourite occasions of the festive calendar for many years. As I said to Brig, sometimes we do things not because we want to do them, we just do them as it will make others happy, that’s the spirit of Christmas – fortunately, she agrees…

Have a good weekend

Nick Baker


We were delighted to hear this week of our scholarship success to Berkhamsted School.

Zach Webb has been awarded a Drama Exhibition – those that saw his magnificent performance in Peter Pan recently will nod sagely with this news.

George Ogden and George Lindop have both been awarded Sports Scholarships.  The competition for these awards is incredibly fierce yet these boys are supremely talented and given so much to Beacon School sport over the years.  It is no surprise to us here that they have been recognised by one of our main feeders in this way.


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