Chat GPT and Its Effects on People’s Jobs and Everyday Lives

25 May 2023

On November 30th 2022, Chat GPT was launched by the San Francisco based company Open AI. Chat GPT is an online service which can answer questions but also write realistic school essays just like humans. Teachers are worried that students may use it to cheat. But what exactly is Chat GPT and how could it affect the future of work from home?

Mr Walker, a teacher at a local prep school, goes into depth about the software and how it thinks. He said in his recent interview,  “It’s predicting , what it thinks you want” and “It’s not really intelligent in the sense that it’s actually thinking about it.” 

Open AI made Chat GPT and they made it on a cloud computing platform. Elon Musk , Sam Altman , Peter Thiel and Open AI chief scientist IIya Sutskever played a part in making Chat GPT. Chat GPT has been  made to assist users in any way it can by providing accurate and helpful information on a wide range of topics. It is designed to be able to generate human-like text and respond to questions and statements in a way that is similar to how a person would. 

Chat GPT has revolutionised how schools and jobs work nowadays. Chat GPT has now negatively affected the lives of many people such as designers , students and teachers. Chat GPT has rapidly gained popularity but when it is asked about its popularity it tries to imply that it doesn’t understand that it is popular but it realises that the usage of the software has gone up since its launch. Teachers are concerned about the use of this software and how it affects homework. Cameron, a member of the IT department at a local school said “I’m scared of it to be honest!” and also stated “it is going to be used for evil more than good. “

People have a lot of mixed opinions about the future of Chat GPT and how it would affect the educational system. Teachers in schools have share their reservations about this AI.  Mrs Olhausen said that “it would be a problem if schools go back to doing online tests”.  Mr Skea also agreed, “I have concerns for schools and universities and academic installations as they will have challenges to overcome”

Overall , Chat GPT has arisen mixed emotions amongst the public regarding its future. Its future is still to be decided but we all know it’s here to stay.

By Henry G and Ishaan N

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