Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 29

19 May 2023

Dear Parents,

A week to go until Ride London, the epic, 100 mile course that seemed like such a good idea when I signed up last autumn.  I received my ‘Rider Pack’ at the weekend including tags, body number, final instructions etc., and noticed that I had been sent the timings and details for the 60 mile shortened course in error. Maybe one of the organisers had been tracking me on Strava and decided that 100 was too long on this occasion, but rather than read into a conspiracy and tempting as it was to keep quiet and accept the less strenuous route, I made an enquiry and am now in receipt of the correct documentation.  I managed 30 miles on Saturday and 40 on Sunday and felt pretty good; having said that, all on one day, plus another 30 miles, means that what people say about, “it’s the crowd and energy of the event that pulls you through”, better be true.

Certainly a great crowd and lots of energy to be expected at tonight’s Beacon Parents’ Society Ball at Latimer House. My sincere thanks to Octavia Orchard and Emma Ife (co-chairs of the BPS) and the Ball Committee, particularly Jo Robson and Emily McCart, for the incredible work they have put into this event – it promises, like everything else associated with this school, to be a fully ‘Beaconised’ occasion. So far this year I have observed scores of lessons, events, fixtures and performances and been thoroughly impressed with all aspects of this incredible school, but I have yet to see what the parent body is like at partying.  That jury is out but will deliver its verdict later this evening for sure – see you on the dancefloor!

Have a great weekend,

Nick Baker

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