students in their WW2 clothing

Year 2 WW2 Themed Day

10 May 2023

boy in RAF uniform

On Tuesday, our Year 2 boys had an immersive World War Two day.  All of the boys and our Year 2 teachers came into school in WW2 attire, which set the scene for 1939. There were some brilliant costumes including fighter piolets, soldiers, evacuees and wartime school boys.

The day began with the father of one of our boys, Mr Fox, visiting The Beacon to present an insightful Assembly all about the War, allowing our  boys to ask some important questions and expand their knowledge. He also wowed the boys with some authentic war medals his father had been awarded during the war.

Throughout the day there were various themed activities planned. During the morning, our boys  made eggless cakes as a class with everyone getting involved, showing some excellent baking skills. In the afternoon, the boys learned about Anderson shelters and created their own mini versions using shoe boxes and corrugated card.

World War Two was arguably one of the most influential events of the 20th century which affected many countries, making it very important for our boys to learn and understand what happened. The immersive day was successful in developing the historic knowledge of our Year 2 boys, whilst engaging them with lots of fun activities.

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