The Adventures of Abe and Alba

A Story about Two Tiny, Mischievous People

23 March 2023

a little hut made out of pencils

Over the last three weeks, Year 3 have been involved in a mysterious situation that has required their excellent writing skills in order to return two escaped characters (Abe and Alba) back into the book from which they came.

After a regular lesson on comprehension, Mrs Phipps left an old, second-hand book she purchased, open overnight – ‘The Adventures of Abe and Alba’.  Little did we know that this was a magic book and if left open and unattended, the little people inside the book would escape.  We found a letter within the book which warned that should this happen, the only way for them to return would be to write adventure stories to entice them back.

Our boys set out to write a complete story, utilising skills being taught in class.  Time was precious as, although the characters only moved at night, their belongings and activities kept being found over the course of the two weeks and we were concerned that they would either leave the school premises or come to harm.

Thankfully, the boys’ stories were successful, and Abe and Alba returned safely to their book which was quickly posted back to the book’s guardian (Mrs Orla Hennessy).

This week, we received a reply from the guardian, which Mr Baker read out, thanking the boys for their help.  Mrs Hennessy couldn’t resist letting the characters out again one more time and, in the morning, she discovered a letter from Abe and Alba themselves, thanking the boys for their amazing stories.

Our Year 3 boys thoroughly enjoyed this immersive literacy project.

Take a look at the gallery of images below to see what Abe and Alba got up to…

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