After-School Clubs at The Beacon

10 October 2022


We are pleased offer an exciting range of after-school clubs here at The Beacon, including Multi-Activity Sports, Nutty Scientists, Coding Club, Lego Robotics, Photography, Dodgeball and Yoga. There is also an extensive range of Choirs plus Music Tech.

We believe that by offering a diverse range of clubs for our boys, it opens up a wider scope for ambition. Our Coding Club encourages our boys to think slightly differently, whilst learning about a skill that is becoming much more desirable. Mindful Yoga for our Pre-Prep boys helps them to find their inner calm at the end of the day and requires them to reflect on the activities that have taken place during the day.

At The Beacon, we strive to offer something for everyone, our aim is to inspire our boys with a wide range of opportunities. The clubs provide an enjoyable route to self-discovery, which offers our boys the chance to thrive as an individual or as part of a team, to try new experiences or skills and gain a real sense of achievement.

Miss Jackson who runs our Photography Club said “The boys very much enjoy attending the club because it sparks their imagination, creativity and gives them the opportunity to look at the world around them through different viewpoints. They are also learning about the workings of the camera and how to create different effects.”

To find out about all the clubs we offer, explore our website here.