A Day In The Life Of The Beacon 

24 March 2022

From when the gates open at 7:50 till when the gates close at 6:00 the Beacon thrive with boys and teachers with joy and happiness, enjoying their days at school.

In the year 5 interview they had said that they really like the food that they have and something that they will like to add as a lesson would be a game making lesson. The year 5’s think that the lessons and breaks are long enough.

The little beacons in their interview said that their lunch was a solid 10 out of 10. They said that they really enjoy playing in their own mini playground while also enjoying their lovely classrooms. One of their favourite parts are the puddings that they have (jelly and chocolate cake).

The sport that boys do from year 3 to year 8 vary from rugby in the autumn, football in the winter and cricket in the summer. Some other sports are tennis, basketball, hockey, swimming and cross-country.

At the end of the day all the boys are exhausted after a hard day of learning and playing and making new friends. After a long day, most boys go home  from 15:45 to 16:45 but some stay for afterschool clubs and late Stay. Which vary from board games to active sports like football. The boys leave at 18:00 and sometimes at 17:45.

Occasionally the boys will go on school trips to places like the natural history museum and PGL.

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By Max M-S and Bertie M

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