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Taste the Globe!

14 January 2022

Children wrapping up spring rolls

Our boys have had a wonderful restful Christmas break, and are now back to school ready to start the Spring term off with a bang!

Delicious aromas have been making their way down the corridors from our Cooking and Nutrition room. Our boys have been cooking with a mix of herbs and spices from around the world as they cover the topic of ‘International Food and Culture’ this term.

Year 4 are on an exciting journey learning all about Italian flavours this week. They made an Italian classic, bruschetta, with their very own oven sun-dried tomatoes. After toasting their Italian sourdough bread in the oven, rubbing them with garlic and drizzling over some olive oil, the boys spooned on the tomatoes topped with chopped mozzarella and fresh basil. Bellissimo, boys! Next week, Year 4 will be learning about samosas and the flavour infusion brought about by the Cape Malay Cuisine influence in South African food.

Year 5 were transported to Mexico this week,  where they learned about Mexican Street Food and the abundant flavours used. The boys have been testing out different techniques and ingredients to master the art of taco making, such as using yellow and purple cornmeal. Using our taco presses to make the tacos. Next week, the boys will be flying from Mexico over to discover Spain and explore the spice ‘saffron’.

Year 6 have been analysing the flavour profiles of Scandinavian and Thai foods by making fish cakes this week. Half the boys used Scandinavian flavours, the other half used Thai flavours. The boys then taste tested both and discussed their thoughts about the different cuisines.

Our Year 7 boys explored Vietnamese food this week, with Vietnamese spring rolls being their first challenge. They used rice spring roll paper, fresh herbs, mint and coriander, chicken, and noodles to make their very fresh and delicious Vietnamese spring rolls. As well as a lime and chilli dipping sauce to accompany them on the side.

Finally, Year 8 Finished their Rotation in Cookery and Nutrition this week. Focusing their last lesson on Japanese food. They were set the task of making the Japanese classic, sushi. They all did an amazing job and the sushi looked delectable – almost too good to eat!

Take a look at the gallery below to see how everything turned out.




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