Year 1 Around the World Day!

12 November 2021

Year 1 Around the World Day!

This week, our Year 1 boys have been exploring all the different places around the globe during their ‘International Day’. They celebrated this by coming into school dressed in the colours of their chosen flag.

At first, they needed to receive their passports so they could start their trip. Once received, they were allowed to travel between class rooms to explore the different parts of the world. In all three classrooms they got to experience cultural activities from 6 countries.

First stop on the trip was 1B’s classroom, they visited Brazil and Australia where they were tasked with making Mardi Gras masks, as well as designing their own aboriginal artwork.

Next stop was 1G’s classroom, where they visited Greece. Whilst in Greece, they got to make some clay bowls with their hands and special pattern tools. They also travelled really far until they got to the USA. When they got there they were tasked with making their best American flag!

Finally, in 1R, they were almost at the end of their trip, but before they come home they went to visit China to make some stunning Chinese fans to use in the hot Summer heat. Africa was the last stop on their trip, and while they were there, they were shown how to make the best African style necklace.

After all the travelling, the Year 1 boys were very tired! So, to finish off the day, they were invited to an afternoon tea party where they got to enjoy cookies and scones, which as you can imagine, went down a storm.

Happy travelling Year 1!

Take a look below to see the boys in action!


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