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Flames in Science

25 November 2020

Our Beacon boys have had a wonderful time in Science this week, using Bunsen burners in our fantastic Science labs.

Year 7 thoroughly enjoyed setting a selection of foods on fire! The boys reported:

To perform the experiment, we set the foods alight and recorded the results by holding the flame under a boiling tube of water and measuring its temperature and mass. We carefully recorded our results in a table. In order to work out which had the most energy per gram, we had to perform some maths calculations. Once finished we discovered that popcorn had the most energy!

Daniel Z & James B

Meanwhile, as part of their learning about States of Matter in Science, Year 4 have been looking at whether a change is reversible or irreversible. They heated a range of items to discover the effect this would have and whether the items would melt or not. The boys then had to predict if the item could return to how it had been before we heated it. This was the boys first opportunity to see a Bunsen burner alight in lessons and they were very sensible in the way they lit their own tea light burners, to melt chocolate and evaporate salt water. Well done, boys!



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