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Beacon Beehives and Honey

6 November 2020

We are really excited to be selling locally-sourced honey provided by the Chalfont Beekeepers’ Society over this Christmas season. All profits from the sale of the honey will be going towards our very own Beacon beehives, located in Chesham Bois woods, opposite The Beacon. Our beehives will be looked after by Alan Roberts, the Apiary Manager, responsible for the beehives in Chesham Bois woods.

As well as promoting local producers, we hope you will support our latest sustainability drive and buy our delicious honey. The honey (£7 per jar) will make an ideal stocking filler or gift this Christmas. Our boys have enjoyed tasting the delicious honey in homemade shortbread made by our fantastic chef! To order your Honey Jar(s) please click here.

Our Beacon Head Boys were lucky enough to visit the Beehives last week and learn more about honeybees. Their report is as follows:

Prior to our visit, we thought bees were pretty ordinary insects and didn’t do many amazing things, but after visiting an extraordinary and rather beautiful beekeeping site near Chesham Bois, we learnt that bees are a lot more interesting than first meets the eye. Amazingly, the queen bee is told by her colony how many male and female eggs to produce. A male bee is called a drone and a female bee is called a worker. The male bees are very lazy and eat a lot of food until it is their turn to fertilise the queen and at the end of the summer season, they get kicked out as they don’t help and have no use. Unlike the female bee, who does all the work, such as cleaning out the hive, collecting pollen and nectar and raising the young bees.

The amazing experience of visiting the beehive revealed to us how such a small insect can be so sophisticated. After all this work, they produce the most delicious honey, which is why we can’t wait to be getting our own Beacon hives and enjoying the delicious honey made! We are all very excited for this school project and can’t wait to see it progress.

The Beacon Head Boys

We are so excited about our new Beacon Beehive and sustainability initiative as we do our best to help protect the local bees with the help and support of our Beacon community.


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