Persuasive Victorians in Year 7

16 March 2020

Our Victorian Waxworks event was a huge success with the whole of Year 7 involved. It followed our study of ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ and began with the boys researching their allotted Victorian person (who is famous for any one of a number of reasons). They were then required to write and learn a speech designed to persuade those visiting the ‘exhibition’ that their waxwork should be allowed to stay as their character is significant. If they failed to persuade, they could be melted down to create a statue of Justin Bieber!

The Spinney was home to a wonderful scene, full of characters ranging from Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear to Brunel and Louis Pasteur! The boys did themselves proud and Bieber remains a mere twinkle in the eye of the curators!

To see a video of the day, click here.

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