Stepping into the Ancient Egyptian World

9 November 2023

On Wednesday, our boys in Year 3 enjoyed taking part in Ancient Egyptian Day. The Spinney Theatre was transformed into the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh and the boys were treated to an interactive performance where they had the chance to meet an array of characters – from an Egyptian lady getting ready for a party, to a trainee Egyptologist.

After this, the boys enjoyed two workshops that further enriched their learning. Using artefacts found in the tomb, the boys were entertained with stories from Ancient Egyptian mythology and were given a chance to take on roles and join in with the storytelling. The boys also learnt about Egyptian names, the social hierarchy at the time and they even had a go at emulating some authentic Egyptian dance moves! Great fun was had by all, and the boys came away with a great deal of new knowledge about this fascinating civilisation.

‘My favourite part was when we got to listen to stories because I love historical stories’ Macsen T,

‘I would recommend the day because we got to dance and act!’ Oscar B

‘My favourite part was when we listened to all the amazing stories because we got to get up and act instead of just sitting and listening’ Hendrix K,

‘The people who came to visit were so fun, entertaining and enthusiastic!’ Bertie H