Shark Mangles Diver

24 March 2022

Simon Nellis, a diving instructor, was eaten by a great white shark. 

Shark Trouble 

Simon Nellis a former RAF fighter pilot aged 35 was killed at Little Bay in Australia on Wednesday 16th of February 2022 by a 13 feet great white shark. 

The authorities are hunting for a shark that killed Simon Nellist leading to the beaches being closed until further news from the coastguard.

This was the first fatal shark attack in the Australian city in six decades. People living near the beach and swimmers watched as the shark brutally attacked Simon. He died of terrible injuries instantly. 

People and patrols searched the beach for sharks and the remains of Mr. Nellist. After the horrendous horrors of the incident, people have questioned whether they would want to visit the beach so regularly. 

The government is deciding whether the people should have more protection including more coastguard’s and more equipment designed for sharks and also have it illegal to have no shark protection.

In conclusion this week has been very sad as well as being very thought filled deciding thoughts on the sharks.

By Thomas Q and Loarn L