A Race In Europe And Russia’s Bans

24 March 2022


Russia is attempting to bid on Euro 2028 and 2032 (Football Tournaments) and compete against the UK and Ireland in doing so. People are quite irritated by this as a country banned from the tournament wants to host it. This is a problem for Europe as the European countries don’t want Russia hosting these tournaments.

Countries bidding on Euro 2028 are: Russia, Turkey, UK and Ireland. UEFA will announce the host nations in September 2023. The countries wanting to host in 2032 are: Russia, Turkey and Italy.

The Sun Sports journalist: Nick Parker believes “it is an outrageous attempt to take on the UK to host the Euro championships.” Richard Wilson another sports journalist says “Putin must know he stands no chance” to host the Euros.  RFU Board Member Sergei Anokhin says “we are going to file a bid for hosting of the 2028 and 2032 European Championships.”

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland are the favourites to host the European Championship 2028.

People disagree that Russia should host the Euros because of the Ukraine crisis and what is going on right now.

The UEFA has warned Russia that if they proceed with biding to host the euros, then they will put further sanctions on Russia. Since the invasion on

Ukraine, Russia has suffered multiple different sporting bans; these bans are: suspended from all football competitions by FIFA and UEFA, 

Word rugby has suspended Russia and Belarus from all international rugby activities, the International Tennis Federation has suspended the Russian tennis federation from taking part in all international competitions, Formula 1 has terminated its contract with the Russian grand prix, Russian athletics federation have been suspended from competing in Summer and Winter Olympics.

By Sammy G and Joshua M