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A Piece of Art!

20 December 2021

Over the Autumn term, our boys have been channeling their creative side and the Art department has been lighting up with imagination!

The boys from years 4 to 8 have been well and truly getting stuck in this term and have produced some excellent work. They have learnt a wide variety of techniques from sculpting, spray painting canvases and making their own 3D structures.

This term, Year 4 have been learning about the intricate designs and patterns from ‘The Day of the Dead’ Mexican Festival. Having sculpted their clay skulls they were set to start decorating, they pulled inspiration from the different colours and patterns seen during the festival and developed their own characterful and colourful creations.

Year 5 have been learning to work together to create a collaborative piece of art. A large scale painting was their challenge, with ‘Popular Culture’ and ‘The Pop Art Movement’ being their inspiration. The boys did an amazing job working as a team and creating art which incorporated everyone’s ideas in one piece.

In Year 6, the boys have been having lots of fun learning about the art of graffiti and spray painting. After studying different works of art, the boys imagination started to run wild. ‘Armed with blank canvas’, they got to work on bringing their piece of art to life. Layering colours and stencils with a sense of spontaneity was the challenge and it has been great to see the boys throwing themselves into this creative activity. They have learnt how to take creative risks with their work and make art with an element of fun!

Meanwhile, Year 7 have been making lanterns from willow and tissue paper. They have worked together in teams to figure out the best technique for building a strong 3D structure from the materials provided. The boys took to the challenge and ran with it! They all did an amazing job.

Lastly, Year 8 have been improving their drawing skills by using a range of media to practice drawing their own portrait. The boys should feel very proud of their highly improved and skilled work. The finished products really show the care and attention to detail the boys put into these artworks.

Overall, we have had a productive and creative Autumn term in Art with many new images, colours and shapes filling the space in the art room! A highlight has been to open the kiln door to see the Year 4 clay sculptures fired and ready to decorate. Also, well done to the boys who attended our Art Scholarship Club for all their dedication and hard work.

Star artist goes to Louis H in Year 6 for his outstanding progress, hard work and focus in lessons! Keep up the good work, Louis!