student cheering

The Beacon Remembers

16 November 2020

The Beacon’s Remembrance Service, which is always such an important event in our School calendar, took place last Wednesday as a live streamed event which allowed, for the first time, our entire Beacon Community to share in its moving and memorable solemnity. Reverently led by our Year 8 boys, featuring moving poems written and presented by the boys, emotive performances from our Year 8 Beacon Voices and personal dedications to family members who served, the service was a profoundly respectful tribute.

Our Beacon boys produced some beautiful artwork to commemorate Remembrance, including poppy badges and wonderful poppy stones, which were placed under the tree in the Quad as a symbol of peace for others to see as they walked past. We are very proud of our Beacon Community for their heartfelt respect and recognition of the important event. We will remember.