Beacon Reunion & Mr Skea’s Retirement Party – 17 June

We are very much looking forward to welcoming back 200 former pupils, parents and staff at our Beacon Reunion and Retirement Party for Mr James Skea on Saturday 17 June.

The event should be a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends and teachers. We’ll be starting the day with drinks in the Quad from 13:00, and there will be guided tours of the school and archive displays celebrating The Beacon’s 90th anniversary. Afternoon tea will be served at 15:00 and, for those who are interested, there will also be a chance to watch our boys vs parents and parents vs staff cricket matches up on Willsfield later in the afternoon.

If you would like to join us, please RSVP indicating any dietary or other requirements, by completing our short online booking form. A list of those who have already confirmed their attendance and are happy to have their names shared online can be found below.

Current Attendance List 

Please be aware that some of our guests prefer not to have their names published online. If you’d like to check whether a particular friend or teacher plans to attend, please contact us at

Old Beaconians 
Listed by most recent class of order (i.e. the year you would have left if you’d stayed until aged 13).

Oscar McGlone, OB 2015-2021 James Rackley, OB 2000-10
James Barber, OB 20014-18 Edward Leane, OB 2000-10
Arran Dhanda, OB 2011-18 Gwyn Wright, 2004-2010
Alex Clement, OB 2010-17 James Kelly, OB 2005-08
Max Hayes, OB 2009-19 Vishal Thaker, OB 2000-08
Henry Anderson, OB 2012-18 Kiron Bansil, OB 2001-05
Oliver Kirk, OB 2014-16 Ilya Iyengar, OB 2001-07
Caspar Collier-Moore, OB 2012-16 Sam Privett, OB 2001-06
Henry Keen, OB 2012-17 Rohan Bansil, OB 1999-03
William Howells, OB 2011-15 Jon Chaplin, OB -2002
William Shield, OB 2013-15 Jack McKenna, OB 1994-2003
Jugaad Singh, OB 2010-16 Andy Barnett, OB 2001-03
Luke Brown, OB 2009-14 Joe Puttick, OB 2001-03
Rishi Pandya, OB 2006-16 Will Pendered, OB 1999-03
Robert Worthington, OB 2006-16 Mike Curtis, OB 1994-2003
Ethan Hoekema, OB 2012-14 Jonathan Edwards, OB 1984-92
Alexander Hoekema, OB 2012-14 David Harman, OB 1977-85
Tristan Hoekema, OB 2012-13 Charles Bagot QC, OB 1978-85
Garfield Weston, OB 2006-15 Mycroft Croisdale-Appleby, OB 1978-84
Ben Horwood, OB 2005-12 Andy Mayhew, OB 1977-83
Alex Nisbet, OB 2004-14 Charles Fuller, OB 1977-82
Ollie Brown, OB 2009-14 Richard Moir, OB 1974-81
Matthew Barton, OB 2010-12 Dominic Ricketts, OB 1975-81
Joe Dunster, OB 2008-13 Jon Chaplin, OB 1977-80
Johnny Evans, OB 2007-13 Mike Francis, OB 1972-79
Max Leane, OB 2003-13 George Woodley, OB 1971-79
Stephen Shaw, OB 2008-12 Julian Soper, OB 1971-76
Hugo Woodley, OB 2003-12 Tim Abraham, OB 1967-72
Oliver Moir, OB 2002-12 Tim Cawston, OB 1966-71
Ed Mundy, OB 2002-12 Chris Roberts, OB 1963-69
Jack Molloy, OB 2005-12 David Cawston, OB 1963-69
Robert Shaw, OB 2008-12

Current & Former Staff 

Listed alphabetically by surname after Headmasters.

Nick Baker, Headmaster Hannah Macdonald
Will Phelps, Headmaster 2015-22 Kirsty Mancinelli
Michael Spinney, Headmaster 1999-2009 & 2013-15 Inger Marchant, 1990-2019
Paul Brewster, Headmaster 2009-13 Helen Marshall, 2005-17
Liz Adey Antonio Mastrolia, 2021-23
Chris Allen, 2002-15 Sian McCorkell
Rebecca Barkham, 2014-20 Debbie Mehta
Carolyn Belsey-Morton (Miss Belsey), 1985-94 Steve Miles
Rachael Berry Janis Milne
Debbie Brewster, 2009-12 Nikki Olhausen
Hedy Briault, 1995-2019 Mika Pater
Karen Burden Kathereen Paterson
Charlotte Buswell Wendy Phillips
Lyn Cole, 2008-17 Trevor Powell
Stephen Collins, 2014-20 Diana Robinson, 2007-11
Karine Cook Liz Rothwell, 2001-16
Simon Detre Kim Rowland
Vivienne Dignum, 2006-09 Daniel Sanderson
Fiona Ensor Jim Sanderson
Lynsey Final Claire Sharp
Shujah Ghauri James Skea
Kathryn Grudgings Sue Slade, 2005-17
Lucy Gordon Sylvia Slatford
Richard Haley, 1996-2017 Frazer Thomas, 1983-2021
Cameron Harris-Lefort Kate Trefusis, 2018-22
Natalie Hart, 2011-21 Katie Turrell, 2011-21
Monica Joffe, 2013-16 Julie Vale
Craig Johnson, 2010-22 Ivan Van Rooyen
Stefan King, 2015-22 Tash Watson (Miss Berry), 2008-18
Moira Laffey, 2008-15 Mike Williams
Martin Langley Caroline Yolland, 2007-22
Jane Lewis Jarek Zwierzykowski, 2014-20

Former Parents, Governors & Friends 
Listed alphabetically by surname.

Mike Allen Lee Kemp
Ailsa Anderson Andy Kemp
Alex Bach Heather Knowles
Helen Bach Fiona Mayhew
Liz Bradshaw Paul McGlone
Sarah Churchman Ros Morris
Cate Clegg Graham Morton
Roger Edwards Susanna O’Leary
Sophie Green Hema Pandya
Nick Hayes Nilesh Pandya
Julie Hayes Jane Rampin
Andries Hoekema Yvonne Ricketts
Tracy Hoekema Sonal Shah
David Hollander Bhavin Shah
Carl Iyengar Fiona Tchen
Annie Jack Seema Thaker
Paul Jeffery Dipen Thaker