Tennis and How Rackets are Strung – By Ben G and Zac H

23 May 2024

Huw Phillips is a professional tennis racket stringer who has met and strung for many of the most prestigious and famous players in the world of tennis.  

Rackets are strung by a machine but at the start of the process, people are needed to cut all the strings off the racket so the machine can put fresh strings on. 

How he got into stringing rackets  

He got into racket stringing as when he was playing tennis: he kept on breaking strings so, for his 18th birthday he got a racket stringer and that’s when he got the knack of it. He always wanted to do something involved with tennis so, when he realised he wasn’t good enough to become a professional player he did racket stringing.  

A famous tennis player Huw has met

Huw with Nadal after saying thank you for borrowing his shoes.

How has racket stringing changed over the years

Rackets have changed over the years from being wood to carbon fibre. The strings used to be made from cows’ gut, but now they are made from nylon and polyester. 

What are his achievements? 

  • GRSA Certified Tour Master Stringer (CTMS) and ERSA qualified Pro Tour Stringer (PTS) Level 2 
  • Member of Wimbledon Stringing Team since 2016 
  • Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup Stringer 
  • Laver Cup 2022 Stringing Team 
  • ATP/WTA Professional Tournament Stringer 
  • Part of Dunlop Stringing Team 
  • Part of Babolat Stringing Team 
  • Part of Head Stringing Team 
  • Part of GRSA International Stringing Team 
  • GRSA International UK Country Manager 
  • All rackets are strung on a Babolat Sensor Dual electronic machine (used at Wimbledon) or Head Laver Cup edition electronic machine (as used at 2022 Laver Cup) 
  • Full racket Customisation and Matching service available – he has provided these services for Grand Slam champions  
  • Services provided for Tennis, Squash, Badminton & Racquetball 
  • Over 20 years’ experience 

Mr Steve Winter (Head of Tennis at The Beacon School) 

Steve became friends with someone who loved tennis so he got him into it. When he was asked who the most famous player he had met was, he said the British player, Tim Henman.  

When Steve was asked about the evolution in tennis rackets, he told us: “I used to play with a wooden racket and a white ball.” Steve has spent 7 years in the coaching industry, and at age U12 he was ranked third best player in the county and beat what were considered to be better players lots of times. 

Growing up Steve loved John McEnroe, because he admired his amazing serve. Although now he loves Roger Federer – due to his “complete” game. He also really admired Pete Sampras who played best on the grass court. 

When asked the question, if you could go to one tournament final between any players, which tournament would it be and which players would you want to watch? Steve answered “Pete Sampras and Rodger Federer would play at Wimbledon in the final.