Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 7

20 October 2023

Dear Parents,

The weather turned at the start of the week and for the first time this academic year, there was frost on my windscreen.  The seasons are predictable of course, but what is disappointing in our household is the rule, laid down by my Sheffield born wife who refers to anyone hailing from the south of England who is susceptible to the cold as ‘nesh’, that the central heating is not allowed to be turned on until half term.  The nice warm Beacon was a haven during the day time and then Patrick and I took drastic action to this ridiculous rule, him going on a school trip to New York yesterday and me, attending the Year 8 Battlefields trip from Wednesday – I write this from my toasty room in the ‘Poppies’ Hostel in Albert last night.  I have no problem embracing the autumn and winter…would just like to do it with the heating on.

Always jobs to do over the half term both home and school-related and I’m not going anywhere outside of Berkhamsted and Chesham Bois these next two weeks.  Younger son Joseph will be home with me and Patrick will be back on Wednesday but Brigid goes to Majorca with some girlfriends next weekend – “You’re off to Battlefields this week so I’m going on holiday to Majorca with the girls next week” was the rationale.  Obviously I love the company of my colleagues and the Year 8 boys and it’s been a fascinating trip but let’s be fair, it’s not a direct comparison…

Have a great fortnight with your brilliant boys and we look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 6th, as we continue this most busy and industrious term and start the countdown to the Beacon Christmas festivities – can’t wait!

Nick Baker

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