Year 6 Balloon Debate 2023

16 October 2023

Last Friday, the Year 6 boys enjoyed their eagerly-anticipated Balloon Debate. They had been working on persuasive-writing techniques and speeches in their English lessons, and these were voted on in class ready for the final. There was a huge range of characters represented, from Martin Luther King jnr to His Majesty King Charles III, and the quality of speeches was very high from all finalists. Boys winning their ‘balloon’ heat (arguing why they should not be ejected from the hot air balloon) were: Arthur W, Samuel S, Rocco G, Guy B, Harry T, Joel J, Tom T, Zac R, Emilio T, Leo M, Orson M, Karanveer D, Freddie H, Thomas S, Reuben H, William C.

The Ballon Survivors were: Samuel S, Leo M, Tom T and Freddie H.