Vape Addictions in Children

25 May 2023

Vape addiction in children has risen by 16% in children aged 11-17 in 2022

Concerns have been raised about many children becoming addicted to vapes.

We have interviewed four teachers about their thoughts and feeling about vapes in schools and have received different scopes of information on the subject. In the past years, vaping which is a e (electric) cigarette has been involved in lots of cases. Children in different years have been spotted vaping in different areas of their schools in breaktimes and even in between lessons. There are a various explanations for a vape addiction such as peer pressure, influencers (social media platforms), the fact that it is better than smoking in some ways, the nicotine. Vaping products for children are illegal and most shops will ask for ID but some shops will let children get one for no ID and some illegal vape dealers will do the same.

In the late 20th century people were trying to find alternatives for smoking but it was not until to 2003 when they was invented but it was not until 2010 when they became popular and 7 million people used them.  Two years ago it became apparent to James Skea, Deputy Head and lead of the safeguarding at The Beacon, that vaping was a real problem in schools as many children were vaping in school toilets in between break and in classes in some schools. Mr. Skea has also said he has confiscated 1 himself in this school and his son (in secondary school) has told him that he is “aware that it happens” in his school as well.  Mr. Skea also said that when vapes where released they were said to be healthy and better then a cigarette which he said he was concerned about what other stuff there might be in them as there was not much research into them. There is also a lot more nicotine in vapes so people will want to have more and more of it and will become distracted in class. In lots of other schools and in ours there are smoke detectors in the toilets which will detect vapes if they are used.

Mr. Privett, Head of Self and Society, said that there is also a mentality to vape because the child might be kicked out of friend group for being scared if they don’t and that makes kids vape and this is called peer pressure and is a main reason to vape in today’s schools. Nicotine also effects development on the brain and greatly effects a child’s mentality. He also said that “not really understanding the consequences in the first place and you will fall into that trap” and that will affect their social life as all you want is a vape. He also said that the education behind it is also developing so it is just like when the cigarette was invented. He finally said that the colours and the flavours behind them are aimed as kids as they have a bigger sweat tooth then adults and so the vibrant colours and the sweet flavours appeal to the child. Ms. Thomas, Head of Geography, also said that there are probably more secrets about vapes that we don’t know about as they are new but we thought cigarettes were good for many more years before we found out they are bad for us.

By Cyrus N-J and  Finn H

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