Year 6 Outdoor Learning

3 March 2023

Our Year 6 boys have been participating in some outdoor learning activities this term, within the extensive woodlands surrounding the school. Split into small groups, the boys have been working together to complete challenges set by Mr Porter.

The first challenge was to build a shelter using only a tarpaulin and rope. They quickly got to work, choosing locations within the trees and collecting sticks and logs to make the structure. It wasn’t an easy task, but through teamwork and trial and error, they successfully completed the challenge.

Next up, was building a fire. Mr Porter taught them how to stack materials, explaining that cotton wool would burn first, followed by paper and then wood. The boys used a flint to get the flames roaring and worked together to keep the fire alight. They even learned how to whittle sticks for cooking and made campfire bread, which they enjoyed together as a group.

Throughout the sessions, the boys had a fantastic time and really built on their teamwork skills as well as outdoor survival techniques. It was an all-round brilliant learning experience. Great skills, boys!

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