Little Beacons On Minibuses

24 March 2022

On Wednesday the 23rd professional vinyl stickers stuck vinyl of our Little Beacons onto several minibuses for promotion of the school. This was found later that day on all of our minibuses and our new electric minibus.

We interviewed nursery teacher Miss Sharp and she said “ I love the fact that our little boys are on the back they are very happy and proud when they see their faces.” When asked if this will help promote the Beacon she said this “ I think people will be able to see how much fun the little beacons are having.” So I think that Miss Sharp is saying that having a vinyl of our little Beacons on the back of the minibuses is a good thing.

Then we interviewed Kerry from the marketing team to see how she came to the conclusion to put the little Beacons on the minibuses and she said “We only opened our new nursery in September so although most people know who the Beacon are but they don’t know that we’ve opened a new nursery.” Then we asked her will more people view the school while the nursery children are the face of the school. She responded by saying she thinks some intrigue will be created within the school so I think that she is saying that this is a good move forward to help promote the school and creates some interest to the parents that see this

Our opinions

We think that any year will be acceptable but we think it’s better show year 6 or year 8 because we think that it will show the finished product of the school and I think it will attract more parents.

By Thomas A and Rahul P

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