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Half Term

Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 32

6 June 2024

Dear Parents, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Half Term.  The Bakers were in the A Level and GCSE  ‘eye of the storm’ and so…

Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 26

19 April 2024

Dear Parents, Welcome back to Summer Term at The Beacon.  Lots of revision for Patrick and Joseph over the holiday  – some independently motivated, some…

Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 20

23 February 2024

Dear Parents, The Bakers did little over Half Term, but I was suitably entertained with the regular commentary coming through on the 1st XI Cricket…

Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 19

8 February 2024

Dear Parents, The sad news about King Charles’s cancer diagnosis has dominated the news this week and has allowed us all to reflect on those…

Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 8

10 November 2023

Dear Parents, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Half Term – looking at the plentiful postcards, Beacon boys have visited all manner of interesting places…

Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 7

20 October 2023

Dear Parents, The weather turned at the start of the week and for the first time this academic year, there was frost on my windscreen. …