Shining Futures Entrepreneur Programme!

10 June 2024

On Friday, our Year 8 boys were challenged with a ‘Shark Tank’ scenario which replicated TV’s Dragons’ Den in style. They were tasked with presenting their business start-up ideas in front of a panel to mark the end of their Shining Future Entrepreneurs course. We are thrilled to integrate the entrepreneurial initiative as part of our Upper School ‘Shining Futures Programme’.

Before half term, our boys enjoyed 6 informative presentations ranging from business logos, USP’s, legalities, financials, marketing and sales, business structures and corporate responsibility.

Following these, our boys were put into teams to decide upon their own business proposition to pitch to potential investors in the ‘Shark Tank’ scenario. The modules gave our boys an insightful overview of core factors they would need to take into consideration when developing their own business ideas.

Each group devised a different business proposition. The panel of judges gave constructive feedback to each team whilst complementing what they liked about the business idea and made a decision to invest or not.

Name Q4U Bonsai Rapture HARZ gummy bears AIM Easy Ski Auto Tuner

Sam H, William,

Sam K, Shaan

Rufus, Alex L, Heney MP, Ben Dino, Logan, Kevin, Byron Zac, Rory, Abhi, Henry L Ori, Grayson, Gabriel, Kieran Will M-S, George, Cassius, Charlie G Adrain, Oscar, Emre, Alex T
Idea Event Queuing App Athlete Headphones Changeable Shoes Prescription Child Sweets AI Travel Maps Folding Skis Car Parts


QA4 were awarded ‘Best Idea’ overall, Rapture ‘Best Presentation’ and Easy Ski ‘Most Innovative Idea’.


Well done to all the teams who took part, the quality of the pitches was highly impressive.  A big thank you to Nikki Haylings Thompson (mother to Alex T) & David Lilley (father to 4 former Beacon boys) for attending and supporting with the adjudication of the event.