Sports Day 2024!

24 May 2024

On Friday 24 May, our boys in Years 3 to 8 participated in our annual Sports Day event, filled with excitement and anticipation as they headed to Woodside Stadium in Watford.

Years 6 to 8 kicked off the exciting schedule of challenging activities with a blend of competitive spirit and camaraderie, followed by Years 3 to 5 in the afternoon. There were plenty of smiles all around!

Competing by Houses, our boys engaged in a variety of events including track races, tug of war, long jump, shot put, discus, and high jump. Every boy gave their best effort in each event. It was wonderful to see our Beacon Community on the sidelines, cheering everyone on.

All boys from Trinity, Cromer, Portland, and Eddystone gave exceptional performances—well done to all!

View our individual results and gallery of images below.

Year 3 Hurdles Oscar
Year 3 75m Teddy S-S
Year 3 200m Hendrix K
Year 3 800m Sebastian W
Year 3 High Jump Quinn R
Year 3 A Long Jump Oscar H
Year 3 B Long Jump Sebastian R
Year 3 A Cricket Ball Bertie H
Year 3 B Cricket Ball Freddie F
Year 3 Tug of War Eddystone
Year 3 A Relay Trinity
Year 3 B Relay Portland
Year 3 C Relay Portland
Year 3 D Relay Eddystone
Year 3 Victor Ludorum Teddy S-S
Year 4 Hurdles Arjun S
Year 4 75m Alex H
Year 4 200m Darrshan K
Year 4 800m Xander T-O
Year 4 High Jump Lucas F
Year 4 Long Jump A Henry J
Year 4 Long Jump B Rocky D
Year 4 A Cricket Ball Emilio T
Year 4 B Cricket Ball Krishan K
Year 4 Tug of War Portland
Year 4 A Relay Eddystone
Year 4 B Relay Eddystone
Year 4 C Relay Trinity
Year 4 D Relay Eddystone
Year 4 Victor Ludorum Xander T-O
Year 5 Hurdles Sean E
Year 5 100m Lewis J
Year 5 200m Alex S-W
Year 5 800m Oliver K
Year 5 A Cricket Ball Arki B
Year 5 B Cricket Ball Sebastian W
Year 5 High Jump Sarvan K
Year 5 Long Jump A Lewis J
Year 5 Long Jump B Max M
Year 5 A Relay Eddystone
Year 5 B Relay Eddystone
Year 5 C Relay Eddystone
Year 5 D Relay Eddystone
Year 5 Tug of War Cromer
Year 5 Victor Ludorum Lewis J
Year 6 Hurdles Cameron S
Year 6 100m Barney G
Year 6 200m Benny G
Year 6 800m Barney G
Year 6 1500m James B
Year 6 Discus Freddie W
Year 6 High Jump Harry A
Year 6 Javelin Finn R
Year 6 Long Jump A Barney G
Year 6 Long Jump B Jaydon P
Year 6 Shot Putt James B
Year 6 A Relay Cromer
Year 6 B Relay Trinity
Year 6 C Relay Cromer
Year 6 D Relay Portland
Year 6 E Relay Portland
Year 6 Tug of War Trinity
Year 6 Victor Ludorum Barney G
Year 7 Hurdles Louis DS
Year 7 100m Philip A
Year 7 200m Philip A
Year 7 800m Finlay F
Year 7 1500m Eeshan K
Year 7 Discus Elliot R
Year 7 High Jump Philip A
Year 7 Javelin Charlie C
Year 7 Long Jump Xander B
Year 7 Shot Putt Aiden C
Year 7 Tug of War Trinity
Year 7 Victor Ludorum Xander B
Year 8 Hurdles Henry M-P
Year 8 100m Zac H
Year 8 200m Dino J
Year 8 800m Byron H
Year 8 1500m Logan G
Year 8 Discus Dino J
Year 8 High Jump Cassius J
Year 8 Javelin Byron H
Year 8 Long Jump George G
Year 8 Shot Putt Rufus T
Year 7&8 A Relay Eddystone
Year 7&8 B Relay Eddystone
Year 7&8 C Relay Eddystone
Year 7&8 D Relay Eddystone
Year 8 Tug of War Trinity
Year 8 Victor Ludorum Zac H