Year 4 Viking Day

8 February 2024

It was a truly ferocious and fantastic Thursday for Year 4 who became Vikings for the day. The boys truly embraced their inner Norse spirit and took on the role as Viking craftsmen and warriors for the morning.

They learned how to create the ‘shield wall’ to defend themselves against Anglo-Saxon and attack during Viking raids. Led by their Viking teacher, the boys charged and used all their force to try and break the shield-walls.

Many of the boys expertly crafted Viking artefacts to take home with them. This included candle making, rune casting, clay pottery, Viking painting and weaving bracelets. These are great mementos for our boys to keep from their exciting day.

In the afternoon, Year 4 put their archaeological skills to great use and discovered what digging up History can teach them!

It was a fantastic end to this half of the Spring Term and it’s safe to say the boys enjoyed the immersive experience of being a Viking for the day!

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