Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 19

8 February 2024

Dear Parents,

The sad news about King Charles’s cancer diagnosis has dominated the news this week and has allowed us all to reflect on those close to us that have been afflicted by this indiscriminate disease.  There is though, increasing hope for patients in 2024 and more remarkable and happy stories than the ones of despair and tragedy that we may have previously associated with the mention of the ‘C’ word.   My father died of cancer in 2005 and, with our memories of him still strong, I often wonder whether the treatments available 20 years later would have cured him or at least prolonged his life.  Maybe, maybe not, but I am sure the most effective tonic for King Charles this week came from the visit from his errant son.  As we always say to your boys in their end of term Assembly, the best thing you can do or give to your parents is friendship with them and their brothers and sisters – nothing makes a parent happier.  If the acrimony in the Windsor family can be thawed a little as a result of this news then that is a sliver of silver lining on a dark cloud.

It might be Half Term but The Beacon doesn’t stop with the Cricket Squad touring South Africa this coming week.  A host of excited faces amongst the boys (and Messrs. Robinson, Williams and Powell) as they drove out of Amersham Road yesterday; play well boys, enjoy each other’s company and have a truly unforgettable experience in a beautiful country.  Not quite as beautiful but the Bakers will be spending the mid-term break in Berkhamsted.  We, as many of our families, have been caught by the quirk of different Bucks/Herts half term dates this year and with poor Joseph going to school as normal next week it would be far too mean to have too much family fun time.  A bit of home admin, some DIY I’ve been meaning to do for ages, re-carpeting the sitting room…all very exciting stuff…looking forward to being back at The Beacon already!

Have a good half term,

Nick Baker

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