WW2 Themed Day

30 November 2023

On Thursday, our Year 5 students embarked on an incredible journey back in time for a hands-on and immersive World War 2 Day! The corridors and classrooms were transformed into a living history museum as our young historians delved into the era, showcasing their creativity and enthusiasm.

👗 Amazing Costumes: The school corridors echoed with the footsteps of mini soldiers, pilots, evacuees, and spies as our Year 5s donned extraordinary World War 2-themed costumes. The attention to detail was remarkable, bringing history to life within our very own school walls.

🖋️ ID Card Creation with Dip Pen and Ink: Students got a taste of historical bureaucracy as they meticulously crafted their own identification cards using dip pens and ink, gaining a deep appreciation for our modern ballpoint and friction pens!

🕵️ Budding Spies: In the spirit of wartime secrecy, our young agents turned into spies for a thrilling activity. They learned the art of creating shift ciphers to encrypt and send secret messages, enhancing their problem-solving skills and teamwork.

🚨 Air Raid Precaution Badge Crafting: Safety first! Our Year 5s demonstrated their commitment to protecting their cities by crafting Air Raid Precaution badges, fostering a sense of responsibility and community spirit.

✈️ Toy Plane Construction: Using sticks and creativity, students built miniature toy planes, connecting with the ingenuity of wartime resourcefulness. The air buzzed with excitement as these tiny aircraft soared into the imaginations of our young aviators.

🎈 Bobble Making: The creativity didn’t stop there! Year 5s dived into arts and crafts, fashioning their own bobbles, adding a touch of personal flair to their World War 2 experience and learning the important Blitz spirit of resilience and perseverance.

🎭 Gas Mask Box Creation: Understanding the importance of safety during wartime, students created their own gas mask boxes. This hands-on activity deepened their appreciation for preparedness during challenging times.

🎬 Goodnight Mr. Tom Screening: Wrapping up the day, our young historians watched “Goodnight Mr. Tom,” gaining valuable insights into the evacuee experience. This film not only broadened their historical understanding but also cultivated empathy and compassion for those who lived through such challenging times.

The Year 5 World War 2 Day was not only an educational journey but a celebration of creativity, teamwork, and the spirit of exploration. We commend our students for their dedication and enthusiasm, making history come alive within our school community.


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