Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 5

6 October 2023

Dear Parents,

Great to see so many of you at last night’s ‘Senior Schools Evening’.  We had an impressive showcase of all the independent schools we feed and it was humbling to hear so many registrars comment on how we managed to attract quite the array of schools in attendance that we did – everyone loves Beacon boys it seems.  Going from stand to stand and catching up with colleagues, many of whom I have known for years through my previous working life, it was clear in what high esteem the senior schools regard our boys and us as a school.  The ‘top brass’ from Berkhamsted (Principal Richard Backhouse, Head Tom Hadcroft and Deputy Richard McKay) ably supported by old boys and great ambassadors, Johnny C and Barney K (both 2021), were keen to tell me how instrumental Oli Bloore (2019) had been playing at scrum half this season.  Popping over to Marlborough, Director of Admissions, James Lyon Taylor informed me that Will Snooks (2019) was doing a great job as Head Boy and similarly, Jonny Saunders at Bradfield was suitably impressed with James Stewart (2019) taking on the same role at Bradfield this year. If that wasn’t enough, one Registrar I have known for many years commented on how informed, personable but overall how normal our parent body was – well done, everyone Team Beacon!

If last weekend’s Ryder Cup wasn’t enough sporting drama, I have been glued to SOCS today, following the progress of our U11 footballers at the IAPS regional tournament at Fairfield in Leicestershire. Despite being down a couple of key players, the boys beat Wolverhampton, Laxton, The Perse, Fairfield, The Croft and drew with Repton to top the Group whilst my phone battery neared depletion with the amount of time I had been hitting ‘refresh’.  Onto the Quarters and we comfortably dispatch Nottingham High 4-0 before drawing Solihull in the semis.  Just as I was about to watch Year 1’s Harvest Festival, I get a text from Mr Miles, “Pens in semi…”   High drama but luckily the tuneful and ever enthusiastic Year 1 with Maestro Mrs Voneshen took my mind off proceedings in the Midlands for twenty minutes.  Back to my office and the news is not so good, “Lost” was the simple text followed up with “Got to win the 3rd/4th play off” as this guarantees a ticket to the Finals.  SOCS had given up posting the scores by this stage so I’m relying on a ‘ping’ from Steve… and then it comes, “won 3rd/4th play off  “  And breathe… huge relief and celebration on Amersham Road as we plan our tour to Millfield for the National Finals next month – what a great end to the week!

Have a good weekend,

Nick Baker

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