Meet the New Head Boy Team!

12 September 2023

As the new school year begins, it has been fantastic to welcome our new Head Boy Team for 2023-2024. Congratulations to Dino J (Head Boy), Sam K (Deputy Head Boy) and Shaan S (Deputy Head Boy) for being appointed this academic year.

The Head Boy Team will play a crucial role in representing the school and serving as role models to the other boys here at The Beacon. Together, they will work with Mr Baker to make positive outcomes for the school community. As well as taking on serval responsibilities including helping the Headmaster in weekly Assemblies. The Beacon is looking forward to seeing the new team in action and witnessing the positive influence they will have on their peers.

We spoke with the team to find out a little bit about them and what made them apply for their positions:

Dino J (Head Boy)

The Beacon has been a huge part of Dino’s life as he enters his tenth year here. He thoroughly enjoyed his position of responsibility as a Peer Mentor at the school, so it inspired him to apply for the role. He feels he has experience in talking to people and confidence around the school. Dino’s favourite hobby is playing cricket and at school, he enjoys math and DT lessons most. He told us that his favourite part of The Beacon is the sense of community.

Sam K (Deputy Head Boy)

Sam K has been at The Beacon since Reception, so he is heading into his ninth year at the school. He wanted to apply for the Head Boy team because when he was younger he looked up to the older year groups and found inspiration from them. He wants to do the same for the younger years now and felt that this was the perfect opportunity for him. He also told us he is ready to have some responsibility which he knows will help him in the rest of his schooling life. Sam’s favourite hobby is rock climbing and his most liked subjects are Performing Arts and English. He also agreed with Dino that his favourite part of The Beacon is the people and the sense of togetherness.

Shaan S (Deputy Head Boy)

Shaan S has been at The Beacon since Reception, entering his ninth year here. He told us that he has always wanted to be a part of the Head Boy Team as when he was a younger boy at The Beacon, he looked up to those who had this role. His favourite hobby is go-carting, and his most liked subject is History. Shaan described the swimming pool as the best part of the school, even more so now that it has a cover!

Keep an eye out for the next episode of our Beaconverse Podcast where we will talk to our Headmaster and Head Boy Team about their upcoming plans!