Baker’s Beacon Blog – Week 33

23 June 2023

Dear Parents,

I was delighted to congratulate our Year 8 with their PSB Certificates on Monday.  A tangible sense of relief and excitement as they looked upon the plethora of excellent grades – the culmination of two years of hard work and endeavour.  Many of these boys have been here for nine and some ten years, and as one boy said to me, “this is the end of what will ultimately be the longest time I will ever spend in one educational institution.”  Profound, though clearly not setting his eyes on a career in education, as I reminded him that I was at my last school for 18 and James Skea is just completing 23 years…be careful with those predictions!

At this time of the year, we celebrate the achievements and destinations of our 2023 leavers.  Looking at this year (listed below) compared to previous exits, 2023 carries on our School’s fine tradition of sending boys to a wide variety of schools.  Dr Challoner’s and Berkhamsted take large number of our boys of course, but we continue to establish healthy feeds to many others, supporting co-educational and single sex day schools, boarding schools and importantly, the local comprehensive state sector of which this area is particularly well served.  Boys going in such number to such a variety of schools can only bode well for future Beacon boys, as their predecessors act as strong ambassadors and spread the good name of our School.  As I have learnt on all my senior school visits this year, everyone loves Beacon boys and want as many as possible in their institutions.  My congratulations and best wishes to the Exit Group 2023 – you will always be Beacon boys and welcome to come back at any time to let us know how you are getting on.

Have a good weekend,

Nick Baker

Day   Boarding   Scholarships and Exhibitions
Dr Challoner’s Grammar School 22 Bradfield 3 Sport – Berkhamsted
Berkhamsted 21 Wellington 3 Drama – Berkhamsted
Shiplake 9 Bloxham 2 Drama Exhibition – Berkhamsted
Amersham School 5 Abingdon 1 Drama – Bloxham
Merchant Taylors’ 4 Elmhurst 1 Drama – Bradfield
Royal Grammar School 4 Haileybury 1 DT – Marlborough
Reading Blue Coat 3 Marlborough 1 Academic – Merchant Taylors’
Thorpe House 3 Millfield 1 Drama – Merchant Taylors’
Chesham Grammar School 1 Oundle 1 Music – Merchant Taylors’
St Clement Danes 1 Rugby 1 All Rounder – Oundle
Haberdashers’ 1 St Edward’s 1 Academic – Rugby
John Hampden Grammar School 1 Music – Rugby
Magdalen College School 1 Performing Arts – Rugby
Queen Elizabeth School Barnet 1 Academic – Shiplake
Academic – Shiplake
All Rounder Academic – Shiplake
Drama – Shiplake
Performing Arts – Shiplake
Performing Arts – Shiplake
Sport – Thorpe House


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