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New Strange Food Combinations Recommended by Famous Chefs

25 May 2023

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Vanilla ice-cream and wasabi peas

The chef (Ramael Scully) who created this wonderous master piece in lockdown. A chef with too much time on his hands and too many wasabi peas in his cupboards, the co-owner of Scully restaurant in St James’s, central London, decided to crush and sprinkle them over vanilla ice-cream. The combined flavour of vanilla and wasabi was overpowering according to Ramael.

Buried Babybel Pot Noodle

The Chef(Tom Aronica) was doing a guest cooking slot at Belzan in Liverpool when he revealed this trick to his host, Sam Grainger. This “toptier weirdness” will “change your life”, promises Grainger. Take one chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle, remove the noodles, drop in a Babybel, reinsert the noodles and add hot water. “It’s like those ice-creams with chewing gum at the bottom, except it’s a cheesy, melted delight in a Pot Noodle,” says Grainger. “It’s a glorious, go-to snack.”

wotsits with black pepper sriracha

Chefs love to jazz up crisps. Si Toft (the chef) seasons Quavers with Worcestershire  sauce. In Northumberland, chef, Ian Waller, can be found dipping Wotsits into black pepper chilli sauces. It proved revolutionary spicy, cheesy flavour. 

Vanilla ice-cream and pickle

McDonald was the creator and it was an accidental meeting of gherkin and McFlurry. A salty pickle flavour with sweet ice cream recreated the taste of salted caramel ice cream with a satisfying crunch. Use pickles with a sweeter flavour profile, such as Kühne’s sweet and sour gherkins, and you may well be taken aback by the result.

Red-wine-marinated Maltesers

Grace Bryson dared to put a Malteser in her glass of wine to create a satisfying treat . She recommends using a rich, full-bodied red Because the Malteser tastes best with that type of Red Wine. 

We interviewed Beacon chef Dino Santos and asked him a couple of questions 

Firstly we asked him if he would ever try any of these combinations and he replied with “if it looks edible and tastes okay yes I would try it”. 

Secondly we asked him what was the most unusual thing he had ever cooked and he told us that he had cooked “ frog legs and crocodile”.

Thirdly we asked him what he fought of chefs like Heston Blumenthal and he replied with “I do quite like his ideas and his way to show the food to us and I would like to try to be like him but obviously that would take a lot of cooking knowledge”.

Fourthly we asked him what he thought the point was of these whacky food combinations and he told us “ that if it tastes good and if it is a new approach to food why not try it?”.

Fifthly we asked him if he knew anything about multi-sensory cooking to which he replied “no he had not ever heard about it”.

Finally we asked him we asked him if he liked the idea of people trying these food combinations and he said “if you like it why not try it?”.  

After the interview with Dino he gave us a new combination of pesto and bread.

By Max T and Jack T

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